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Also known as

Hunter, MGH



Knows of

SMW Hacking, Ricochet Infinity

Join date

2008-02-08 04:57:10 PM


October 15, 1993

Known For

The Hunter's Revenge Series, The annoying Magikoopa Sprite Hunter, and for making The Devious Four Chronicles


As a user

Metalgearhunter is a user known for his hard (not on purpose) hacks of the well known Hunter's Revenge, and often recieves PM's from inactive user requesting his hacks. Although he would usually give them to those people to play, he doesn't trust what they might end up doing with them.

Long ago, Hunter joined the sight about a month after his brother, S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N discovered the program known as Lunar Magic, and began his team hack with SCORPION. His first post was requesting a custom sprite known as YI Kamek, claiming he already knew how to insert ExGFX and custom sprites into games before he even joined. Metalgearhunter hardly posts anywhere but in the SMW Hack Discussion Forums and the Advanced SMW Hacking forums, but now he posts in other places as well.

Soon, S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N made a seperate account, pretending to be a girl, and tricked this user, soully this user, but other people got involved. Soon this "other user" decided to make a thread claiming to become a mod and ban user's like himself, for plagerization and other things. Of course, metalgearhunter had no idea it was really his brother, due to him posting at the same time he did so. Apparently, S.N.N. found out and metalgearhunter did aswell. Soon, this extra account was banned and led to SMWCentral making a kind of coding to make sure people can't make extra accounts on the same CPU, which was a blessing, but some have found ways around it.

Metalgearhunter is known for his constant requesting of YI sprites, presumably the YI BaseBall boys, but is rather patient as it has been 4 years and a half since he requested it and is still waiting.

Nowadays, Hunter is known for his GFX modded Magikoopa sprite, which unknowingly acts a lot different than most, being annoying, coming back quickly, and for getting in places you would not like him to be (appearing far enough if you are running to spawn onto you). This magikoopa, named Hunter is the LPer MikeGNZ worst enemy.

SMW Hacking

This user, like most others, started with making levels purely out of cutoffness, and cement blocks, but soon improved and started making vanilla levels. He decided to put this to the test and started a hack with his brother, Super Mario: SCORPION's Wrath. On the fifth level, Hunter's Fortress, metalgearhunter tried his hand at YY-CHR, and being a good hand artist, made a good 8-bit Hunter magikoopa sprite GFX, but the pallete was quite wrong.

Over the time, metalgearhunter decided to stop on this project and begin one of his own, known as the ORIGINAL Hunter's Revenge. This was basically a hack with mostly vanilla GFX, meaning there were little ExGFX used. Soon after, he began on a SMB3 hack known as SCORPION's Flash, now Future Flash Recall, and finished his part. Then he decided to finish Hunter's Revenge and release it. Before that, he submitted a 1 world demo of his hack, up to Hunter's Castle 1, and it was actually accepted, the full hack was never accepted though.

Solemnly, metalgearhunter decided to move on to his 2nd project, Hunter's Revenge 2: Mario and Sonic's Adventure. Metalgearhunter improved with his pixel arting and made his own Sonic/Mario GFX, which were stolen by some n00b who wanted to make a hack much like his own. After finishing half the game, he submitted a demo and it was accepted. Shortly after, he finished Hunter's Revenge 2, but like the last one, it was never accepted.

Metalgearhunter took a break on making hacks and decided to improve his skills, and soon, he began work on the Team Hack: SMB3: Secret Levels. This hack was accompanied by 4 other users he did not know very well. Unfortunatly, this hack made it to world 3, but was soon scrapped by the OW on the Master ROM screwing up. So he decided to start on the Epic Hunter's Revenge 3: Hunter's Return, and at the time, was the best hack he had ever made. Most users on Youtube and SMWC had acknowledged how well polished the hack was, and had high hopes for it.

Metalgearhunter made a thread dedicated to this hack, and showed a preview of a level in every world. It turned out to be the most less bugged hack he had, but as the game went on, some bugs started to appear, and a major one was the needing of the N-SPC patch. Metalgearhunter plans to transfer the hack to a clean ROM, and beta test it himself, and release it.

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