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Metaknight fightback.png
Username: Metaknight 3
Also known as: Meta, KITT345
Age: 14
Knows of: Graphic creation, most functions in LM1.71, overworld design, and a small amount of music porting.
Join Date: 6/2/2009
Birthday: 7/10/1996
Known For: Nothing I believe other than very minor GFX or drawing.

Metaknight 3 shortened to Meta frequently on the irc, is a somewhat active smwc female user but, a more active irc user who gets Lucaria or other bots to say random profanity and gets owned by them. She currently only has contributed two hand drawn GFX replacements for Yoshi and the player. Even though she is quiet she makes an effort to post something intelligent on smwc whenever she can though this tends to lead to some posts being more intelligent than they need to be.


Early SMWC days (pre-2009)

Back when she was days old she was hacking Super Mario World frequently she posted only in smw hacking, most of her posts as anyone would expect for someone new to forums, (though I only did a very minor bump on a thread about three weeks old) they were filled with spelling errors, grammer errors, and sometimes she couldn't get her point across at all. Her name at the start was KITT345 as it was the first username she ever used for anything, she sometimes goes by KITT345 outside of smwcentral though it is rare. After a month or two she began to draw her own GFX after successfully learning Lunar Magic and the successors to come. She also tried to create and get going a smw hack that would feature the Kirby cast instead of Mario and company but, she is quiet lazy with it so its progress is a turtle going up hill slow.

Mid-life (end of 2009-2010)

Metaknight 3 with her hack coming along slowly began to look around the other forums, particularly Talk, World of insanity, Art and Gaming. Her interest was sparked and she began to post more often in those leaving smw hacking behind. Earlier that year she released somewhat unfinished for cape flight Player graphics for Metaknight with armor and Kirby, as well as a Yoshi replacement in the form as Dynablade's baby chicks for C3 in spring. Soon when Kieran announced name changes would not be so readily available she decided to change her name to MetaKirbet as a joke for about a day, conflicted that there was someone with the username Metaknight (now Obsidian Serpent iirc) she decided to go with Metaknight 3 as 3 was her favourite number as it was part of pi. Later the user named Metaknight changed his name so she could have changed to Metaknight but, she decided to stay with her name since Metaknight had some fame to his name and she didn't want to steal it or be confused with him.

Current SMWC status

Currently Metaknight 3 is trying to become more active since she only has about 100+ posts in over a year, her posts have stayed in the same area as they were in mid life although she is neither here nor there about hacking smw. Recently she has been trying to learn how to port music nevermind samples, she is doing well as you can hear a almost finished spc in her file bile. She decided to try to learn how to port when she saw how few Kirby and the Amazing Mirror music ports there were as in her opinion the music was fantastic. She still stays relatively active during the school year though she can't get on at her dads since he'll try to keep me from being on here.

Real life

She is now going into 9th grade come this september, her favorite subjects include art, math, science, and gym. In school her grades are rather high since she listens to what the teacher say with glee as she like to be taught new things or relearn old things and has no difficulty concentrating on school. Her free time is frequent since her homework is done quickly and efficiently so she spends it her or playing on the game systems Metaknight 3's father has a high expectation for her and her mom is happy to just see her work hard so she has no problems with them and they get along just dandy even though the expectation of her father is getting all 80% or atleast -A and above.In the real world Metaknight 3 is rather quiet, modest, intelligent, and has a high level of self discipline. Although she may not look like it she is a very good arguer if she really wants to make a point or prove something important, she always puts a 100% at anything she strives for.


  • Metaknight 3 is fond of the Super smash bros series/Mario series, Kirby series, Pokemon series, and Touhou series.
  • In Kirby SuperStar Ultra she has run through all the arenas in under 5 minutes with the hammer non-tas, non-hacked, non-actionreplay, on a real cartridge and real Ds. While Metaknightmare Ultra stands at 30 minutes for the speed record with all of the above.
  • She has had many pets but, alot have suffered a heart attack from each other :<>:
  • True to the name she is slightly round and short, about 150-160 pounds and 4.5 while her brother is about 6.5 towering over her.
  • Metaknight 3 has only a brother, mother, and father with no grandparents to speak of.
  • Very rarely does she watch tv, though she will always be up for watching a movie.

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