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Youtube account, Super Mario 64 bloopers, being a funny guy, hating chain letters

Megaman765 is well-known because of his Super Mario 64 bloopers series and his recolored version of Mario also known as Blooper Mario. He joined Youtube on August 30th 2006 and joined SMW Central at Febuary 27th 2007. People often call him Mega or Megaman for short.


Super Mario 64 bloopers

Megaman's Super Mario 64 bloopers are what made him a star on Youtube. Using his spare time and imagination, it became the talk of Youtube. Check his account in the external links.


Super Mario Blooper World

Super Mario Blooper World is a hack that Megaman started to work on a while ago starring Blooper [Mario.html Mario]. [Princess_Peach.html Princess Peach] has been kidnapped to a far off land called Blooper World, and the curse has been spread through the Mushroom Kingdom! Mario now must head over to Blooper World and save her. On his way he notices the enemies have been effected as well with different color changes.

Super Mario Blooper World Demo

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