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Mega Mole
[[Mega Mole.png|250px]]

Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX20 (SP4)



Mario riding a Mega Mole
Mario riding on a Mega Mole.

A Mega Mole is a giant mole enemy from Super Mario World. Mega Moles appear to be a much larger form of Monty Mole, distinguished by the fact that they wear sunglasses. Mega Moles live in caves and run straight forward. They are the only enemies in Super Mario World on which Mario can ride (much like the foes of Super Mario Bros. 2, but he cannot pick Mega Mole up). This can be useful if Mario needs to traverse a pit full of spikes or Munchers.

Surprisingly, Yoshi can eat Mega Moles, even though they are much bigger than he is. Being ridable, Mega Moles cannot be stomped, (Not even spin jumps will take them out) but they're vulnerable to cape swipes.

Hacking Information

Mega Moles are only usable with the Rex/Banzai Bill sprite set. (GFX 20) They are found only in caves in the original game, but many hacks use them above ground. Giving them giant Shy Guy graphics was once popular, but with Sprite Tool's many ridable sprites, normal Shy Guys are becoming more of the norm. Sprite Tool also introduces a friendly Mega Mole which allows Mario to ride it but does not harm him if he touches it from the side.

Related ROM Addresses

ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
0x18A37 $03:8837 [C6 C8 E6 E8] Mega Mole tilemap
0x18A82 $03:8882 Mega Mole Palette
0x18B32 $03:8932 Change to EA EA EA to disable animation when Mega Mole is moving.
0x1896E $03:876E [10] Mega Mole's speed facing right
0x1896F $03:876F [F0] Mega Mole's speed facing left
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