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Mecha Tails

Also known as

Hyper Ultra Tails,Sonic SG



Knows of

moderate amounts of smw hacking knowledge

Join date



Known For

Being the Youngest on most forums

Mecha Tails is a young 12 year old SMW hacker who in his spare time likes to work on smw hacks amongst his other interests in life.

he also has a passion for old school gaming thus he sometimes enjoys buying old game stuff of ebay.

How he Discovered SMWC

according to mecha tail's introduction thread he once was a part of the Doom editing community (Most likely DoomWorld) but his doom editing skill where little to non so he decided to move on to other hacking.

when he discovered smw hacking easier he decided to join the forums.


currently metcha is working on a currently unnamed hack

no details have been given at the moment.

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