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Also known as



Knows of

SMW hacking, porting music, ASM

Join date

Early 2006


September 22

Known For

Newbie's Boss, helping

Maxx is a Super Mario World Central Moderator. He moderates Basic SMW Hacking, Advanced SMW Hacking, and Tutorials, and moderates hacks as well.

Maxx started hacking in early 2006, nigh coinciding with the creation of Super Mario World Central. He lurked and posted typical newbie questions, until the interest died down. Later that year, and early 2007, Maxx returned to SMWC and gained a interest in ASM. However, this interest was not to be long-lasting- he left again until 2008. In mid-2008, Maxx came back full force, and began coding. He gained fame as a ASM programmer, before moving out of Advanced SMW Hacking and began all around helping those who needed it in the basic question forums. On October 13, 2009, Maxx became a staff member, moderating hacks, Basic SMW Hacking, and Advanced SMW Hacking. Soon after he began moderating tutorials. Later after that, he was set to mod SMW Hack Discussion too.

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