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Maxwell was a normal user with the user ID of 6974, but then on the day of 9/19/2010, he created an account through a proxy named "SNN fucked a monkey". This account has the user ID of 12406.

Then another account was created with the name of "SNN fucked two monkeys" or something along the lines of that. It had the user ID of 12409. There were more that had reregged on the day of 9/20 or more, but the creator of this page wasn't on at that time and lost track of things.

Maxwell was a pretty good hacker who knew some pretty good ASM. He started a hack called "CAKE" which featured Peach getting kidnapped along with the cake that she made. Toad asks Mario save the cake from Bowser's clutches.

Though, it is unfinished and there is a beta in his thread. It will probably never get into the hack list of SMWC because he will not be able to submit it, but there are ways to contact other people.

He has a thread on Jul that he will hopefully update as much as possible because it seemed like many people enjoyed the demo and were hoping to see more, but it looks like progress is starting to slow down to almost nothing.

It was a shame that Maxwell got banned. Let us all bow our heads in disappointment and try to forget about him.

If you truly must reach Maxwell, PM him on Jul, Board 2, whatever.

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