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Master S

Also known as

MasterS7000, Master-Shade, Master-Of-Shadows



Knows of

Most stuff in SMW Hacking except Serious ASM

Join date

August 28th, 2009



Known For

Master S is a hacker from Britain, and tends to be around SMWC quite alot. He is not quite as masterful as he claims. [Citation needed]


When He found SMWC

On youtube, Master S came across one of AzureBlade49's videos, and started watching his videos and wished that he knew how to do all the hacking. His brother found Lunar Magic, and Master S made rubbish Kaizo hacks meant for youtube. Eventually, he found SMWC around the beginning of 2009, but didn't register til August 28th.


Master S can use most tools for SMW hacking, but is more known for Vanilla Hacking. He has occasionally drawn graphics and done a bit, but not much, of ASM. He's tried porting music and has turned out with only one port that sounds anything like the original midi, so Music Porting is Master S' weak point.


Master S is believed to be working on 3 of his own hacks with 1 completed. Some going at different paces than others. Here's a list:

Super Mario World - A New Path: This hack has been restarted twice, and nobody knows how this hack is coming along due to lack of updates.

Mario And The Thwomp: A hack which is believed to be on hold, but has a demo on the site.

Super Mario World - A Quick Adventure: This is Master S' current hack that he is workin' on. It's supposed to be released by the end of the year provided he isn't lazy.

Super Mario - Christmas Season: The only hack that Master S has finished, but regrets ever makin' it.

Fun Facts

Master S' youtube account is MasterS7000 and has a Deviant Art account that he plans to use by the name of Master-Shade.

Master S likes drawing, but hasn't actually shown any of his hand-drawn pencil drawings.

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