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Also known as

Joey : ), Masa



Knows of

Porting music and programming blocks/level ASM codes

Join date

August 30, 2008


October 20, 1994

Known For

Being a hack moderator

Life is a long, tedious "LP"
- Joe Kanagawa (Masashi27) 1994 -

Masashi27 (Also known as Joey) is a Japanese Super Mario World hacker. His SMW Central ID number is 3130.


Who is Masashi27?

Masashi27 was born on October 20, 1994. Origin: Yokohama, Japan. Height: 172cm (5'7). Weight: 52kg (114lbs). Blood Type: A. At the age of 5, Masashi27 joined preschool. He used to be a loud, restless child. There was a period where Masashi27 was the most annoying kid in the grade. (He's now an awkward person) He has interests in music, anime, and trains. He started playing guitar when he was 12 years old. He got his first guitar (Acoustic guitar) when he was in 4th grade. However, he couldn't play anything at the time. He had trouble with chord changing, so he quit playing guitar for about 2 years. When Masashi27 was 12 years-old, he got an electric guitar for Christmas. He started taking guitar lessons (He quit taking lessons about a year ago) and that made his guitar skills better. He also plays games. (He mostly plays retro games).

Relation to SMW Central

Masashi27 started modifying Super Mario World in 2008. He had no idea how to insert custom graphics at the time. He created an account on SMW central and asked some n00bish questions like: "How to delete sprites?", "How do I apply xkas patches?", "Is it possible to have 10 Banzai bills on one screen?"... Go to his profile, and click on 'Show posts'. Read his early posts for the ultimate lulz. He quit hacking for a year because he couldn't hack SMW very well.. In the mid 2009, he started playing featured hacks. He got influenced by the quality of the hacks he had played, so he resumed hacking SMW. He searched through Youtube for SMW tutorials (ExGFX, Addmusic, Sprites and so on...) and everything worked out perfectly! He started porting music after being able to insert custom music. He read the music tutorial on @wiki (Japanese) to gain knowledge of SMW music porting (Good that Masa understands Japanese ^^).

Currently, he has interest in AddmusicM porting as he posted 2 ports that require AddmusicM on the music section of the site. He also has a tutorial on how to insert songs with AddmusicM on the music porting forum. He still prefers Addmusic4, though.

Masashi27 can be seen on the following IRC channels:

  • #smwc
  • #serioushax
  • #moechan
  • #imamusic
  • #creepypasta
  • #smwcp
  • #smwfc
  • #x-team

On May 13, 2012, Masashi27 got promoted to a moderator. He now helps out with moderation of hacks and music.

Koh And The 8 bit World

This is Masashi27's current 'mini' hack. The protagonist "Koh" (Age: 14) (Gender: Male)(From: Ontario, Canada) had an insanely large amount of homework to finish by tomorrow. He decides to pull an all-nighter to finish the homework his teachers have assigned. He finishes it at 4:17AM and heads to bed. Suddenly, he encounters a bundle of light in the corridor, and..... (You will see what will happen next soon!). This story takes place in 2010 ^^. This hack is still in development. Masashi27 still needs to port several songs for the hack.

Koh The Megapanda

Masashi27 is currently working on his romhack called "Koh The Megapanda". It's a story of a panda called "Koh" (Age: 20) rescuing his friends and fighting against the evil spirits. The story takes place in 2016 ^^. This hack is still in development. This hack is his 4th hack (He found his first 3 hacks noobish, so he quit editing them and moved on to the new project, "Koh The Megapanda"). He started this project in mid 2008. This hack will probably take a couple more years to complete making, he says.

Masashi27's Social Life

Masashi27's life outside the internet is really strange. His friends call him 'Alpha Male' for no apparent reason. Some people claim him to be awkward. Some girls in his grade laugh when they see him. Also, he hangs out with friends... and ends up getting tortured (Don't worry! his friends have no intention to kill him!).

Masashi27 attends an English speaking school in Yokohama, Japan. He has never been to a Japanese school.


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