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Mario in Lemmy Sea
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Mario in the Lemmy Sea is moltensnow's 5th SMW hack. It is a hack that is the third out of a series of 8 games. It is completed and was rejected after submission. It is currently being edited.



The sequel to the sequel! This hack contains awesomeness, a boring overworld, ExGFX, Music, Patches installed, hex edits, edited GFX, and awesomely hard levels.

Story at this point

One day, Mario was thirsty so he decided to kill Iggy and drink his blood. Upon killing Iggy, Iggy was thrown into the laa, so Mario couldn't drink his blood. He then decided to move on to the nearby Morton desert to drink Morton's blood. Upon doing so, he learned that Morton had captured Princess Peach and sent her to Bowser. After killing Morton and finally getting the blood he desired, Mario moved on to the great Iggy Sea.


The levels are notably harder than its predecessors.

  • Screw the Desert!

This level is an entrance to the great Lemmy Sea. It contains nothing but a message box and ExGFX for the background.

  • Island, Ho!

The first level of the game. The level begins with a jumping fish generator and layer 3 tides. You have to swim with the tides to pass the level.

  • Wetness is Wet

This level consists of swimming with medium auto-scroll on.

  • Scrolling Levels

This is a combination of all the most hated things in water levels. Auto-scroll, generators, and the dark. It can be accessed early by finding the key in "Island, Ho!"

  • Something's Fishy

An average level made fun!

  • Lemmy the Lemming

This serves as the final boss in this game. Here, we learn that Lemmy has told Ludwig to summon stronger enemies to kill Mario.

  • To Be Continued

A level with side exits and a message box, ending the game. It appears to be a mountain area. The sequel will pick up here.


For the background for most of the levels, they were downloaded from the ExGFX section of SMWCentral.

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