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Mario in Morton Desert
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Mario in Morton Desert is moltensnow's 4th SMW hack. It is a hack that is the second out of a series of 8 games. It is completed and was submitted on the first day of the spring C3 of 2010. It was rejected and was resubmitted May 12, 2010.



The sequel to Mario in Iggy Land. Now with more awesomeness than its predecessor!


Since Iggy fell into the lava when Mario killed him, he decided to move on to Morton Koopa Jr. to drink his blood. But he has to go through the great Morton Desert first.


The levels in the game are usually short and easy, but later levels such as "The Dunes Have Eyes" are harder.

  • Emptiness

This level is an entrance to the great Morton Desert. It contains nothing but a message box and ExGFX for the background.

  • Sand, Sand... SAND!

The first level of the game. It is a fairly easy level, and has more detail and objects than Iggy Land. It introduces snakes (actually goombas with edited GFX) to match the desert theme.

  • Bland Sand

A level with more slopes, enemies, and P-switches.

  • Rocky IV

The name is a ripoff of the movie Rocky IV. It is evening at this time and you have to use quicksand to get underground.

  • The Dunes Have Eyes

The hardest level of the game. There are snakes and bouncing koopas right after one another requiring very precise navigation to get through. In addition to that, it is night time, so the desert is cold and slippery making it harder to beat.

  • Morton's Gore Fest

This serves as the final boss in this game. Here, Mario learns that Morton captured the princess and sent her to Bowser. After Mario beats Morton, he drinks his blood off-screen and goes off to rescue Peach.

  • To Be Continued

Mario leads out of the desert into what appears to be an entrance to the ocean. The sequel will pick up here.


The graphics for the most part were made my moltensnow himself using YY-CHR. For the background for most of the levels, they were downloaded from the ExGFX section of SMWCentral.



The overworld is very simplistic and linear, containing no secrets whatsoever.

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