Mario and the Seven Gods

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Mario and the Seven Gods


Team Hack Led by FUGGNUTZ

Latest version

Work in Progress


About 40

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Work in Progress




No Demos Yet.

Mario and the Seven Gods was a team hack led by FUGGNUTZ. It went cold because he had writer's block. What a shame.



Mario is enjoying some quality time with the princess when he is ambushed by Bowser and his minions. He tries to fight back, but can't escape. Mario and the princess are then knockeed out cold. When they wake up, Mario is being held in a cell while Peach is being interrogated by Bowser for an unknown reason. Then the guards by the cells open the gates for Mario to be interrogated. Strapped up to a chair, Mario is then asked questions about a person named Hyperion. Mario has no idea what he is talking about. Bowser doesn't believe him, so he is injected with a poison and then taken back to his cell. About 15 minutes later, the cell door mysteriously opens. Since the guards weren't around, Mario runs for his life, and manages to make it out of the fortress they were being held at. Dying and tired from walking, he faints.

Mario soon wakes up , alive, and surrounded by Yoshis. Then, a strangely dressed Yoshi comes out from the crowd. He tells Mario that two of the villagers were hunting when they found him. He looked dead, so they took him to the village. The poison that he was injected with was meant to kill him within five minutes, yet by some miracle, he managed to stay alive for an hour after being injected. Mario is amazed, but something, deep in his mind, is telling him it was meant to happen. Mario is then sent to speak with the tribe leader. The tribe leader tells him a story about a man, oddly named Hyperion. In the story, Hyperion is poisoned to death by am man named Menoitios because Menoitios wants to take over the world. The village leader then tells Mario that Menoitios is gathering an army to fulfill his dream of taking over the world, and that Mario is their only hope of stopping him. Mario decides to go on another adventure to stop Menoitios. But things are not as they seem anymore...


The names of the gods are names of actual gods.


The thread contains all of the screenshots.



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