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Mario Is Hungry! is the second official SMW hack by Jacob.



Mario has eaten all the food in Peach's Castle, but he's still hungry! Luigi informs Mario of a legendary food named the Endless Cake. The Endless Cake is a delectable, decadent dessert that has the power the regenerate its parts for endless enjoyment. Mario treks out on an adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom to satisfy his hunger, and to discover the legendary Endless Cake.


The objective of the hack is to travel from level to level, eating as much food as possible, in hopes of ultimately find the legendary Endless Cake. Eating certain food will give Mario new abilities, such as being able to break rocks, or see hidden clouds, thus allowing the players to re-explore previous levels to open up new paths.

Gameplay is loosely based on the GBC title Wario Land 3. In that game, Wario had to travel to different levels collecting treasure. Certain treasures opened up new paths in previous levels, thus leading to entirely new levels. This hack's gameplay is in the same vein.


The hack contains one unlockable minigame per world. Minigames can be purchased with coins collected throughout the levels.

  • Help Baby Mario!: Mario must guide his baby form through a path by hitting green switch blocks, which fill in or remove ! blocks.


The demo was released at SMWC's Creativity Convention on May 8, 2010. The hack's cancellation was also announced at that time.


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