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Mario Frenzy is a Super Mario World hack made by RedToonLink (aka ZippoPrower94). It focuses mainly on level design and graphics. Article in progress




While Mario takes a "lovely stroll", he spots an Airship fleet, similar to Bowser's. The Portobello Paisano thinks Bowser is behind their appearance, and flees to the castle. Upon arriving, he notices that Peach leaves a note saying that she is at the storage room. She finds her perfectly safe, although she can tell that Mario is ready to embark on a dangerous mission. Mario follows the Airships, only to find that most of Bowser's troops refer to a "King D". Ignoring their new worship to the "King D", Mario continues along to Bowser's castle. Little does Mario know that a little boy that he laughed at would be the true enemy.

History of the Hack

It started out under the name of "Super Frenzy World", a generic SMW hack title. The hack started out horrible, with most palettes edited to a sickly blue and purple color, and cutoffness about. It started out as a Kaizo-ish hack, but evolved into what it is today. It still retains challenge, but not in a cheap way.


The intro level is playable, allowing Mario to take a stroll before running into the major plot device, the Airships. After the intro cutscene, the player is brought to the overworld, starting at "Castle Siege", but he can travel to the right to extra levels. After completing the puzzle of the first level, he is allowed to move up to Yoshi's house, which serves purpose of being a little rest level (in future submissions, it will act as a save point).


First World- Generic Plains

Mainly consists of grassland levels and a single mountain/cave level. The castle is "Camino ala Iggy", which rougly translates to "Road to Iggy". Contains the "Electric Yellow Switch Palace".

  • Emerald Hills
  • Electric Yellow Switch Palace
  • Plains in Peril
  • Chasm of Chaos
  • #Camino ala Iggy

Second World- Profondo Foresta

Mainly consist of forest levels.

  • Wiggler Woods
  • Stickerbrush Tower
  • Mossy Green Switch Palace
  • Forest Trap
  • Through the Trees
  • Forest Temple
  • #Forno Caldo (Lemmy's "Hot oven")

Third World- Vibrante Mogtana

Mountainous levels, develops the story a bit.

  • Kirby Mountain
  • Purple Comet Sighting
  • Forkroad Climb (Secret exit leads to first level of world 5)
  • Radish Mine (Considering changing the name to "Ravanello Mio")
  • Sprecoterra (Wild Wastelands)
  • #Senape Fabrica (Larry's Mustard Factory)


Please note that this list was made months ago, although the number of levels remains unchanged. A + signifies that the level and/or name is subject to major change, A * signifies that the level uses a side exit, and cannot be cleared, A # signifies a major castle.

  • Castle Siege
  • *Yoshis House
  • Hills of Emerald
  • Switch Palaces (All four are counted)
  • Plains In Peril
  • Chasm Of Chaos
  • #Road To Iggy
  • Stickerbrush Tower
  • Athletic TA (Time Attack)
  • Forest Trap
  • Through The Trees
  • Forest Temple
  • #Forno Caldo
  • Mount Freefall +
  • Kirby Mountain+
  • Purple Coins
  • Forkroad Climb
  • Radish Mine+
  • Mustard Gash Dash+
  • #Mustard Factory+
  • Sky Stronghold
  • Riddle Temple
  • Ropeway Heights+
  • #Ludwig's Keys+
  • Miserable Mount+
  • Dead Man's Road+
  • Death Mountain+
  • Cobalt Lake+
  • Lunar Ice Cavern+
  • Bash on The Beach+
  • #Aqua Tempio
  • *Storage Room
  • *Portobello Port
  • Unnamed Isle+
  • Sunken Ship+
  • *Hopscotch Arena+
  • *Gourmet Races+
  • *Bob-omb Reverse+
  • Cyan Cavern+
  • Starlight Road+
  • Candy Constellation+
  • Star River+
  • Rainbow Road
  • Star Frenzy+
  • Concrete Tower
  • Catacomb cave+
  • Running Hell
  • Molten March
  • #Morton's Mines
  • #Koopa's Keep
  • Where Evil Sleeps
  • The Great Dash
  • Drenomoh's Lair
  • #Temple of Dark Forest
  • Mushroom Mayhem TA
  • Air Attack TA

ASM, Custom Sprites, Music, Etc.

The hack focuses a lot around vanilla design mixed with custom sprites and blocks. A vanilla-chocolate swirl, if you will. Mario only blocks, sprite only blocks, On/Off blocks, Pressure P-switch blocks, No-Yoshi Blocks, powerup stealing blocks. All of these are used one way or another in puzzles, the forced power down to prevent breaking the level. There are custom songs ranging from cheerful and happy, to dark and bone chilling. The soundtrack compiles just about every song that Red likes, as well as a few songs that are fitting for certain levels. Most songs are downloaded from SMWCentral, but a couple of songs Red ported himself.

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