Mario: The Blackhole

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Mario: The Blackhole
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Latest version



47 Levels (7 Plot Levels)

Production status

Part 1: Beta Testing / Part 2: Not Began



Not Downloable as of now...

The Blackhole is one of the Final SMW Hacks in a well known series of SMW Hacks known as the "Devious Four Chronicles." This hack stars SCORPION as the villian. This hack has 2 parts; Part 1 which is finished, and Part 2 with is a Work In Progress (WIP)



Well, this page may be in devolopement, the progress on this hack series is halted. Since The Split, major changes are going through this hack in regards to story. Sniggerbobble and Randor will be removed from the hack, regardless of the fact that this "Outdated" title screen is still up for the picture.

Racter and Magna will respectively take the places of Randor and Sniggerbobble, which'll put this hack back into a balance.


Part 1

I AM ONLY REVEALING PARTS OF THE STORY REVEALED DURING THE WORLD 1 PLAYTHROUGH --- After the events of "Hunter's Revenge 4", Mario finally takes a break. Sniggerbobble, Randor and Retnuh require the help of thier stragetist, SCORPION, to take him down. When they can't find anyway to locate him, a strange being contacts them. He goes by the name of Hiyoko. Hiyoko tells the three that he knows where SCORPION is and how to free him; however, they require the help of Mario. Randor writes a note and sends it out to Mario, Randor writes that it from Peach. The note tells Mario to meet her at the Temple far to the east. Without further adiu, Mario sets off for his new adventure. Within due time, he reaches the temple; however, he doesn't find Peach. He finds Randor, and soon Sniggerbobble, then Retnuh. Almost friendly like, they lead him to Hiyoko; but not without battles in between. Battleling them was a mistake Mario shouldn't have agreed to. Because of that, Hiyoko gathers energy from the fights into a delecate sphere. By combining that with Sniggerbobble's power to break seals, they set free SCORPION. Almost immediately, SCORPION escapes with the others a little deeper into the temple and tells them of the plan he spent three years figuring out every variable and it's variables. (Thanks to him being a machine, he doesn't have the human error of forgetting other parts in his plans) Mario finds them and is able to hear about the take over of the Earth and SCORPION's plan to convert the atmosphere. Mario tries to jump at SCORPION when the others leave the temple. Ironically, as SCORPION predicted Mario's movement, he already had a trap set up and freezes Mario within the temple. After four years, Mario manages to free himself; however, he frees himself at the worst of the Mushroom Kingdom's ages. SCORPION, along with other 4, have taken over the earth.

Part 2

Part 2 Story will be revealed whenever Part 2 is started. Regardless of the fact that I already have the story planned out from start to finish.


• SCORPION's Army (the drones, hourglasses, triggers... etc) all get upgraded looks from thier former Fourth Sector forms.

• The Secret Army released in SCORPION's Temple is just basically re-animated koopas.

• Multiple references to other hacks (mostly the other hacks in the Chronicles) are made.

• Near the beginning of the hack, Mario is given the choice to speak, but it doesn't effect the story at all. Choose something like "no" and the Devious Four usually have a funny come back. This isn't seen after World 3.

• Sputnik is a character that was made at the same time I made SCORPION, but he was never in any of the other hacks for various reasons.

• Sputnik has a very big ego and hates SCORPION. Sputnik would usually betray him somewhere near the end of anything he is in.

• Luigi has a green face.

• On the second desert level, there is an unfinished bonus room. However, you will not get stuck in the room.

• The Plasma World is inspired by Phaaze from Metroid Prime 3.

• The Final World of this game is not a Space Station, but instead Retnuh's World... RETNUH!!!

• 93% of Graphics in this game are Original.

• The portals to the Plasma World are actually the RPG sprites of the sanctuary gaurdians in Earthbound.

• SCORPION notes that his favorite song is Bowser's Keep, and then he states that is the reason why he uses it a lot for a level related to him.

• Randor's Palace (Epic Level 4) exists in the same world as Crashed Space Station. (Epic Level 3)

• Only 2 Worlds have 2 Epic Levels in the same map.

• Epic Levels are really difficult and story related levels usually found at the end of the world. However, in some instances, the Epic Level can be found near the beginning or next to another Epic Level in a world.

• The Final Battle and Gensokyo levels are also Epic Levels, even though most people probably wouldn't know that.

• Hiyoko is a character NOT created by me. He belongs to the user Hiyoko...

• On the note of Hiyoko... he used to live on the island of Eternia.


Put screenshots and/or videos of the hack here.


Links to stuff such as release threads, downloads, etc.

Stuff to Note

There are many things that you should know about this hack as well as Story line. New elements and such are seen in this hack that you normally wouldn't find in any other hack.

The Secret Army

The Secret Army is well, as it states, an army SECRETLY hidden in the depths of SCORPION's Temple. After Hiyoko released SCORPION from his stony prison, SCORPION's petrified army is SECRETLY released. Then they SECRETLY take over the world after Mario is frozen. The Secret Army also has some pretty unique SECRET moves and SECRET troopers throughout the game. Did I mention they are SECRET!

  • I think I pointed out the fact that they are secret...*

Youkai and Maidens (from Touhou)

First off, I, SCORPION (writer of this page) do NOT own the characters that are seen on this game that are from the Touhou legacy. The only characters I own are SCORPION, Sniggerbobble (in some sort of fasion), the drones, the secret army, and Sputnik.

The reason why I included some of the Youkai and Maidens from Touhou (such as Alice and Reimu) will be explained in the game. Please note that you will only see them at the end of this hack.

Plasma World

The Plasma World is a world very unique to the Blackhole. I will not spoil why it is there but I will explain it. This world is where SCORPION was sent to, so that it could mature safely. The plasma world is a corrosive and toxic place that could cripple strong warriors if they were exposed to it's atmosphere long enough. The liquid plasma is very VERY corrosive and kills instantanously.

  • More on the Plasma World will be revealed during Part 2*

Role in Part 1

The Plasma World in Part 1 has a minor role. Only visited officially two times. 1st Time is in the 6th Epic Level, during the time of which Mario meets Hunter. The Second encounter with the Plasma World is in Retnuh's Clain, basically as an official level; giving players a small encounter of what the Plasma World is going to be like. Other than that, the Plasma World is also the host world of Heart Add On's. So, with 1 Secret entrace to the plasma world in each world. You'll have 1 encounter with the Plasma World on Each World. With the exception of World 1, and World 1 Redux.

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