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Mario's Strange Quest
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79 Exits, 66 levels

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Complete, though an updated version may be released



(This page is a work in progress)

Mario's Strange Quest is a hack made by Yoshifanatic that was finished on May 1, 2011 (this was when V1.6 passed moderaton, not the actual release date). It is a rather strange hack, hence the title.



Mario's Strange Quest's story is your typical "Save Yoshi's eggs" storyline (with a few twists here and there). The story probably isn't the reason you would be playing Mario's Strange Quest, anyway.


One of the defining characteristics of Mario's Strange Quest is it's sense of humor. Yoshifanatic came up with a lot of silly ideas for his hack, some funny and some plain strange. Some of the things you'll encounter in this hack include weird food that kills Mario instantly if he touches them, an evil carnival, a level made out of pizza, a gassy Yoshi whose farts you must outrun, an upside-down level, and even a level where you explore the inside of a Yoshi. Yoshifanatic certainly didn't run out of silly ideas while making Mario's Strange Quest, though since he added in the humor and sillier ideas about halfway though making this hack, there are some levels that don't have silly themes or gimmicks, so the hack is a little less strange than it could have been.


This hack started off as a collection of levels that Yoshifanatic made while playing around in Lunar Magic. Eventually, he decided to let others play the hack, so he submitted it to SMWCentral on Dec. 23, 2010. It was not a very good hack. It wasn't until Azentiger LPed this hack that Yoshifanatic saw what was wrong with the hack, which prompted Yoshifanatic to fix what was wrong with Mario's Strange Quest and release V1.1 a short time later. After three updated versions of V1.0 were released (V1.1 was unplayable due to an oversight on Yoshifanatic's part, V1.2 was rejected, and V1.3 was still waiting to be moderated by the time V1.4 was released),Yoshifanatic released V1.4, which was longer and overall more polished than previous versions (V1.4 was the first version of Mario's Strange Quest to pass moderation). Some time after, Yoshifanatic released V1.5, which had more improvements over V1.4 and had more levels. Finally, several months after V1.5 was released, Yoshifanatic finished the hack and released V1.6, which was longer, had more custom graphics, was SNES compatible, and much improved over V1.5.


Yoshifanatic has plans to make a V1.7 of MSQ that, at a minimum, fixes many of the bugs and minor palette errors that are in V1.6. He does have plans to do more than just that, though, but what he intends on changing or adding to the hack is a secret.


- V1.0-V1.4 of Mario's Strange Quest were called "Super Mario World Custom 2" before Yoshifanatic decided on a new name for the hack.

- The reason those early versions of Mario's Strange Quest were called "Super Mario World Custom 2" was because that was what Yoshifanatic called the SMW ROM he was modifying. There was a SMW ROM called "Super Mario World Custom", but that was deleted when Yoshifanatic decided to start over (though he did keep some of the levels that he made that weren't blatant level edits). He forgot to change the title back before releasing it, though.

- Yoshifanatic got better at SMW hacking as he progressed with Mario's Strange Quest. It's pretty noticeable if you watch an LP of an older version of Mario's Strange Quest, and then watch an LP of V1.6.

- While Yoshifanatic made Mario's Strange Quest by himself, a few people did help him out with things. Here are the people who made major contributions and what they did. Sowhart designed the overworld, playtested some versions, and made one of the levels (Ninja Course). GeorgeVsSonic playtested most versions of Mario's Strange Quest. paper mario world playtested V1.6. Lynnes, Camerin, yoshicookiezeus, and Hadron moderated at least one version of Mario's Strange Quest. Azentiger was the first to LP Mario's Strange Quest and he convinced Yoshifanatic to improve his SMW hacking skills.


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