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Mario's Epic Adventure
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Mario's Epic Adventure is moltensnow's 6th SMW hack. Many people have complimented it in the hack thread, which is far different from how most other hacks by moltensnow are received. It was originally going to be called Mario's Ultimate Adventure, then changed to Super Mario World 3, then to Super Mario World 3: Mario's Epic Adventure, but now it is just called Mario's Epic Adventure.



Moltensnow was tired of his hacks being criticized, so he took a more serious approach. He started developing a hack that would be much better. He called it Super Mario World 3. He started by revealing the events in a hack thread. It was not well-received. People said it needed more decoration and angled land. But because there was already a thread called Super Mario World 3, moltensnow changed it to Super Mario World 3: Mario's Epic Adventure. Upon revealing more, the hack got even more complaints. Upon completion of the first world, the ROM was corrupted. The source of said corruption remains unknown. After this, moltensnow refused to port to a new ROM. So he started over from scratch. He worked as hard as he could. And finally, after hours of work, the first submap was created. Upon starting a new thread, people loved it. It was very well received, and complimented by many. People said moltensnow should change the name if he wanted people to play it, because Super Mario World 3 was too generic. So he did. He took Super Mario World 3 completely out of the title, and just decided to call it Mario's Epic Adventure. It is currently being worked on, and a demo has been released and accepted.


Upon returning from vacation, Mario discovers that Bowser has taken over the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario has to go through the Mushroom Kingdom, and take it back from Bowser.


A prequel to Mario's Epic Adventure, called Yoshi's Mission is currently in production.


Although a sequel has not been made, the story has been planned to an extent. Warning: Contains Spoilers. Upon Mario defeating Bowser, the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom made him King. So Bowser has to get back to his castle and take it back, and everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom, including his minions, is against him. It's going to contain a LOT of ASM to play as Bowser.


The Levels in the hack are semi-difficult. Some are made by people besides moltensnow.


The graphics for the most part were made by moltensnow himself using YY-CHR. Flareblade26 made the message box GFX, however. For the background for some of the levels, they were downloaded from the ExGFX section of SMWCentral. Otherwise, they were made from rearranged vanilla Super Mario World backgrounds.


Screenshot 00003.png

World 1

World 1 is a grass submap and is the very beginning of the hack. All of the levels were made by moltensnow except the first, which was made by Metalstriker. The boss of this world is Iggy Koopa.

Screenshot 00023.png

World 2

World 2 is a desert level, containing levels made by moltensnow, Metalstriker, and 64domo. The boss of this world is Morton Koopa Jr.

Screenshot 00029.png

World 3

World 3 is a sewer submap, and is available in the current demo which is awaiting moderation. Most of the levels were made by moltensnow. Some were made by CommieYoshi. The boss of this world is Lemmy Koopa.

World 4

World 4 is the water world. It is going to be the most difficult world of the game. The boss of this world is Ludwig von Koopa.

MEA 00007.png

World 5

World 5 is a cave world. The boss of this world is Roy Koopa.

World 6

World 6 is a mountain world. The boss of this world is Wendy O. Koopa. The mountain leads to the sky.

MEA 00008.png

World 7

World 7 is the sky. The boss of this world is Larry Koopa.

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