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Mario's 2 Ways 2 Victory
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Mario's 2 Ways 2 victory is a hack made by aj6666 which grants the players the option of following two different paths to beat the game. The main idea is to let players chose between an easy but longer path or a short but harder path. The hack is mostly vanilla except for the music and a few patches and blocks which serve as technical fixes.


According to the hack page:

"The story is a bit of a sequel to the original SMW. While Mario and Yoshi were leaving the Dinosaur Land, their ship was attacked by Bowser and the princess was taken in the process. Now Mario and Yoshi have two ways to reach Bowser's castle, they can go through the regular way beating all the koopalings one by one or they can find the hidden stars in a mysterious land called the "land of magic" which will take them to Bowser's castle."

Secret exit locations

Warning, this section may contain spoilers

2-Way Path: At the point where the level splits, take the yellow pipe, then head to the left and jump using the two coins as a guide, you will be landing on safe ground and you will find the key next to a wall. After yo find the key, take it with you, continue the level normally and make sure you don't lose your power-ups. Almost at the end of the level you will find the keyhole on the way blocked by two turn blocks, break the turn blocks as big Mario and take the secret exit.

Muncher Hills: Almost at the end of the level, with all the diagonal ledges, you will notice a spot where some diagonal ledges seem to come from the dirt of another diagonal ledge (as opposed to the rest of these ledges that come from the bottom of the screen), follow these ledges and you will find a yellow pipe. Enter said pipe and keep going forward, you will find the key next to the keyhole.

Frost Bridge: After you cross the long bridge with the Pitchin' Chuck, you will see two small bridges (two tiles each) with a couple of coins between them, jump into the gap between those two bridges and you will land into a pipe. The pipe will lead you to an underwater area, you must take the key at the beginning of said area and take it to the keyhole at the end of the area.

Mole Plains: Take the key at the top of the slope above the first volcano lotus and the two springboards near the Clappin' Chuck to the area just before the note blocks. Use the springboards to reach the high ledges, the keyhole will be at the top of the structure.

Icy Cliffs: You will first notice the keyhole at the beginning of the level, placed in the intersection of two diagonal ledges, at this point you won't be able to activate it because you don't have the key, so keep going normally. At some point after the midway point, you will pass through a segment with several pipes one after another, some of them containing piranha plants. Enter the low pipe just before the last one, it will lead you to a cave area with the key, a pipe and a hole; don't enter the pipe as it's meant to be a misleading, instead, jump into the hole, you will see another pipe that will lead you back to the first area. Take the key through the pipe and go back to where you saw the keyhole the first time.

Muncher Garden: You will need Yoshi for this secret exit. Enter the green pipe after the koopa-jumping segment, it will lead you to a room full of muchers. Use Yoshi to run above the muchers, and you will find the key and the keyhole at the end of the room.

Spooky River House: In the room with the re-appearing boos, you will see a P-switch which can be accessed by taking the overture in the wooden blocks shortly after. Activate the P-switch and go down through the two tile gap near the P-switch (not the gap right after the switch but the one next to it), and you will find a P-switch door. The door will take you to a big boo boos fight, defeat it and the secret exit will be activated.

Afternoon Bridge: Similar to Icy cliffs, you will find the keyhole before finding the key. Go through the level normally until you see a question block high in the air and a hammer brother. Kill the hammer brother and take and take its platform to hit the question block, the key will be inside, take the key back to the keyhole. You will need to perform a jump from the bridge at the right in order to reach the keyhole, this may be a bit hard.

Koopa Airships: Inside the airship, after getting to the powerup block, go down and you will see a couple of coins next to a crate, take the coins and go though the crate (it's not solid) and you will find the key. Take the key and keep going normally until you reach a high platform between two wooden crates with three bullet launchers (two upside up and one upside down), go down again and enter the high crate on the right just like you did with the other one (note there won't be coins to lead you this time), you will find the keyhole there.

Mounty's Plateau: After crossing the thin floating ledge with the powerup block, you will get to an area with a low ceiling, a small wall and a molehole on it. Enter the molehole as if it was a door, you will get to a small cave area with some enemies, the key and the keyhole.

Bill's Plateau: After the midway point, near the powerup block and three winged koopas, you will notice two stacked coins next to a wall, enter the wall as if it was a pipe and you will reach a small room with the key and the keyhole next to it.

Dark Tunnel: Before the midpoint, you will see a pipe placed above some rock spikes. Use Yoshi to cross the spikes and enter the pipe, it will lead you to an area with more light, some enemies and lava, cross this area without losing Yoshi, as you will need him later. When you get to the end you will see a series of spikes lines up, use Yoshi to cross them and you will see the key next to the keyhole.

Spooky Cave House: Inside the house, when you find the P-switch, take it back to the place with the wooden crates and activate it, a door will appear. The door will lead you to an outside area with a fishing boo, cross this area and get to the pipe at the end, it will lead you to a big boo boos fight. Defeating the boss will activate the secret exit.


  • The hack's title is supposed to be read as "Mario's Two Ways to Victory" and not "Mario's Two Ways Two Victory".
  • The hack features a particular type of muchers called "deadly munchers", which kill the players instantly.
  • In world 7, there is a level named "Frozen Cavern" although the submap features a fiery cave with lava.
  • The goal in the secret world levels was based on the SMB3 goals and were meant as a reference to said game.
  • The level "clock forest" was based on a Brutal Mario level where ON/OFF switches alter between the day and the night.
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