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Also known as

Manu, MM, DeathMaster654 (Halloween),



Knows of

So much of SMW Hacking, but nothing of ASM, and similar.

Join date



November 3rd, 1994

Known For


Manuel Eduardo Araya Collante, better known as ManuMaster654, is me. I like to hack SMW, play strategic games (as Starcraft) and listen to good music.

Personal Information

I actually live in Santiago, Chile. I've lived here all my life, and I would like to travel to another country. My username was created by myself, taking account of my nickname "manu", and after "master", because I thought I was the best in videogames (especially DKC and Mario ones), but when I arrived to YouTube, I changed my opinion. However, I'm still using the same username in almost all accounts. The numbers "654"was completely random, let me to say you...

Net Life

See also: ManuMaster654's SMW Central Profile
See also: ManuMaster654's YouTube Channel

Well, my "net" life, in its begins, was so bored. I don't know anything of Facebook, YouTube, SMWC, etc... until 2007. Since, I have found very, very very good uses for the time on the PC.

ManuMaster in YouTube

Well, if you have subscribed me and saw my videos, you don't have to read this, of course. I actually have

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