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Although Major Slowdown is one of SMW Central's mascots, he is lesser-known since he was used in only a few hack removal log entries. He effectively looks like General Guy from Paper Mario.

As his name implies, he is the lord of all slowdown. He shows up in hacks when there are too many sprites on one screen. The excessive sprites overwhelm most emulators and cause it to take too much time processing each sprite on the screen, leading guessed it, major slowdown!

Just like his friends, Cutoffness Man and the Floating Muncher, you should avoid him as much as you possibly can if you want your hack to be accepted on SMW Central. However, he is not completely avoidable: the original game has some slowdown, most notably in Level 102!

Enabling sprite buoyancy is another unavoidable way to attract Major Slowdown, especially if you're making a lava level with lots of floating skulls and Blarggs. The first buoyancy option even outright says, "Enable sprite buoyancy, but reduces the number of sprites that can be on the screen at once without slowing down." It is deprecated. You should use the second buoyancy option unless you have a Layer 2 level and it's absolutely important that sprites interact with the layer.

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