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A Magikoopa's Artwork

A Magikoopa is a (most of the time) blue, humanlike looking koopa, with blue clothes, and a magic wand. He is also called Kamek (Which is actually the Magikoopa leader) or Koopa Wizard.

General Description

How it looks like in LM, with description

They mainly appear in fortresses and castles, where they would pop out of thin-air and shoot magic at Mario or Luigi. Their magic blasts had the power to turn a Turning Block into a Yellow-Shelled Koopa, Thwimp or a Coin. The magic blasts came in the forms of shapes: a circle, a triangle, and a square. Mario can't jump on it except when spin jumping. Sometimes a Magikoopa's magic can be useful. If turn blocks are in the way and Mario doesn't have a power up to break them, a Magikoopa can break them with their magic.

Hacking Related Stuff

  • Obviously, as you can tell from the image to the right, Magikoopa is sprite 1F.
  • If a Magikoopa is in the middle of casting a spell in a scrolling level and the edge of the screen catches up, the sprite cannot complete it's action and may not fire its magic.
  • Although Magikoopa theoretically uses Palette B, its palette in reality is something special. It uses tranculent effects (which affect red and green sprites à la the "horizontal dark BG level" setting, possibly explaining why it summons yellow Koopas. Editing his pallete is only possible through hex editing.
  • Magikoopa expects SP4 to be set to GFX03. In a vanilla hack, this would be achieved using the Castle sprite set.
  • You need to use the "Turn off Generator 2" sprite (0xD2) to get rid of him completely.
  • You can also use the magic blast as a standalone sprite (sprite 0x20), but this blast stays in place and doesn't go anywhere. The magic blast is one of those enemies like Spinies and Spike Tops that can't be stomped on, but can safely be spin-jumped on, and because it stands still, you can use it in place of Ball-and-Chains and Lava Bubbles for harder levels where Mario has to spin jump on something in order to proceed. It's more reliable than the other sprites. Just watch your sprite memory.

Advanced Stuff

Important ROM/RAM Map

0x09DF6 [A0 C0 A0 C0 A4 C4 A4 C4 A0 C0 A0 C0] Magikoopa's tilemap
0x0C105 [99] Tile used by Magikoopa's Wand
0x0BF83 [88] Magikoopa's Magic Tilemap (Circle)
0x0BF88 [89] Magikoopa's Magic Tilemap (Square)
0x0BF8D [98] Magikoopa's Magic Tilemap (Triangle)
0x1BB02 [128 bytes, see image] Magikoopa palettes (8 palettes; 8 colors each, including transparent color)

Related Sprites

0x0C133 [20] Sprite Magikoopa throws (Magic spell)
0x0BE7D [78] What Magikoopa's magic transforms turn block into (1-up)
0x0BE83 [21] What Magikoopa's magic transforms turn block into (Coin)
0x0BE89 [27] What Magikoopa's magic transforms turn block into (Thwimp)
0x0BE8F [07] What Magikoopa's magic transforms turn block into (Yellow Koopa)

Sound Effects

0x0C129 [10] Sound Effect played by Magikoopa


0x0BE67 [AD 5F 18 38 E9 11 C9 1D] Change to EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA and every Map16 block will change into sprites when touched by Magikoopa's Magic (Not just turn blocks)
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