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Maddened hacker

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sm64 hacking, nintendo, smw hacking, Other stuff im to lasy to list

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September 18

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Nothing (yet) :D


Hello there. I am member of smwc and working on 3 projects and busy with them.

How i found out about super mario world hacking

First time i saw a hack i was megamans765(person on youtube) smwbloopers. sevrel years later i came back to that video and found that is was a hack (never played smw before so yeah... but i do have a snes with smas and other games (no smw) D:) shearching around youtube (as i normaly do :D) found about lunar magic and here i am now!

first year of hacking

After getting LM (1.65) I was mesing, it was my 2 second game i hacked also learnd about OW hacking basic modifactions + graphic using yy-chr. I later went on to make a hack that i tried to submit to the central it didn't get through moderation (looking bsck on it though im glad it didn't get acepted). *unfinshed*

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