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Knows of

Music, law, certain gaming trivia, how to piss off S.N.N.

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2008-12-04 09:48:34 AM


May 9th 1994

Known For

Custom music, being one of the longer standing SMWC users


General Background

marioVSshadow is a small time rom hacker who is yet to have a hack approved on SMWCentral. This is mainly due to the fact that he is unable to keep his motivation whilst making a hack or him coming up with a new idea and putting the old hack on permanent queue. He prefers to been known as MVS but refuses to request a name change for two reasons. Firstly because he feels some people who do not know him by that nickname may get confused and also because he does not want to waste his one name change.


Most of marioVSshadow's skill lies in his ability to port. He is a fairly decent porter but still doesn't know the entire ins and outs of how to port. During C3 Fall 2010, music moderator Atma told marioVSshadow "You're not the best, but you know what you're doing". After a long phase of immaturity, he eventually accepted that he is not as good of a porter as he first thought. He will however comment and try to give opinions on other people's ports. He was once questioned by S.N.N. as to how he could give advice and attempt to critique the ports of more experienced users. MVS strongly believes that "You don't have to be good at something to know what is good".

MVS on the IRC

marioVSshadow's activity on the IRC tends to yo-yo a lot although he is currently fairly active. You are most likely to see him on the channels #smwc, #SMWBritish (his channel), #creepypasta (his collab channel), #kartmusic, and #imamusic.

He will occasionally appear under different names on the IRC too. The most common names in no particular order are but not limited to MVS, Dark_MVS, Ness, Neocon, MVSSBB (Smash Bros nick) and DentistMario.

Work in SMWCP2

MVS has also contributed some of his skills to the development of SMWCP2. Although he failed to finish his designated level (due to a lack of motivation and updates) he is responsible for the 'Watery Reef' submap music and currently has music pending for the first act of the final boss.

He had made several other tracks for the project including 'Burning Embers' and 'Tough Ol' Challenge' both of which did not make the final cut for the project. MVS has taken these tracks and intends to port and use them for personal use.

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