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In the beginning...

In the year of 1999, Willie B. created the screenname of LunarDrake. He had just gotten his first computer, and was learning how to use MS Paint to make comic books. He had always taken an interest in video games, and at the urge of fellow classmates he dove into RPG Making. RPG Maker 95 was his first steps into game creation, and at the time, he wasn't any good with the program at all. He had all but given up on making games, but RPG Maker 2000 arrived. This program was a bit more user friendly, and far more powerful than it's predecessor. LunarDrake then saw a glimmer of hope of creating his own game.


LunarDrake's game, The Tale of the Elements, is going right on schedule. He wanted his game to have something special, other than story, but was uncertain at what to do. He had gotten the idea to create his own custom graphics, but paint was so far limited. He had tried various programs, such as Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop, but the results created by those weren't easily compatible with the RPG Making program. He searched around various sites, and discovered a program called Idraw. He found this to be quite an easy program to use to make the graphics that he needed. Over the course of a couple of months, he had churned out quite a bit of graphics and had began to upload some of the things he wasn't going to use to various sites for others to use. He had always thought that his graphics were rather simple, but people seemed to like them. It was at this point that he decided to take other's graphic requests, so that they would have the sorts of things that they needed.


After a year of gaining popularity, LunarDrake was approached by a fellow named Squirrel. He was the webmaster of a site called, which at the time was one of the most popular RPG Making websites. Squirrel reqested that he should become a staff member. LunarDrake's main function at this site was to design various character avatars, and also moderate the IRC channel. LunarDrake stuck with this site for about a year, but he, as well as several other graphic designers, were dropped because had decided to drop its graphics section, due to server problems. These members were left without a true home.

Early 2002

The dropped graphic artists decided that it would be a real pain to join other sites and work back up through the ranks again, so a man named LinoG decided to make a brand new website, for all of the graphic artists to work. The name of this site was Dark Alliance studios, and to gain popularity, Dark Alliance Studios became a sister site to Manic's Zone, which was another top-notch RPG making site at the time. These were good days for LunarDrake. He could finally work on sets that he wanted others to use, rather than being limited to avatars. It was also a wonderful thing to be able to work with others to create graphic sets. Hundreds of tile, face, character, and any other sets you can think of were made by these fine graphic designers. Things were good, but all good things must come to an end.

LinoG decided that it was time for him to marry the girl that he had gone out with for so long. He didn't really have the time anymore to maintain the site. Most of the staff didn't really know the ends and outs of maintaining the site, so it fell. Again, LunarDrake was left without a home.

Late 2002

LunarDrake fumbled around the various RPG Making sites, and still maintained doing graphic requests for people. It was at this time that a lady named Wishmoo offered him a position at a site called gaming ground zero. Pleased to have a home again, he began working on an improved RTP, which is the standard graphic files for RPG Maker 2000, which would be done with his own style of graphics. This, however, was never finished.


In real life, LunarDrake began working regularly for his uncle's company. The company was a block laying outfit, and LunarDrake's job was to carry the blocks, and mix the mortar. LunarDrake liked having income, so he began to think of other ways that he could make money. He had always been a good student in school, and at this point he had decided that he wanted to go into college. Given his interest in graphics, he had tried his best to get into the graphic arts program, which was offered at his high school, but the class was always full which prevented him from ever getting in. He decided to take an alternative route, Cisco Networking. It was here that LunarDrake learned quite a bit about the ends and outs of computers, and how they are connected to one another. There was a high demand of computer networkers in his state, West Virginia, at this time, so LunarDrake figured he was heading down easy street.

2004 - Spring

LunarDrake had finished high school by the end of the spring. He had also been a staff member at gaming ground zero for a long time. Over the course of his rpg making career, he had completed over a thousand graphic requests, and had released hundreds of various sets for everyone to use. On a side note, he had noticed that he never got to finish making his own game, due to helping so many others, but this didn't bother him that much. He had decided at this time to leave gaming ground zero to put focus on his college career. Over the course of the summer, he had continued to lay block, and became rather strong in the process.

2004 - Fall

This was a dark time for LunarDrake. It seemed that the high demand for networkers in West Virginia had ended, due to recent advances of technology. He went into college unsure of what he was going for. Financially, things became tough without having any steady income. He dicided to leave college, after only going for one semester. He dicided it was time to get a job. The first place he stopped at was a business called Chapman printing, and after his interview, he started working that day.


LunarDrake had saved up quite a bit of money. He bought a house, and married his high school sweet heart.


LunarDrake leaves Chapman Printing, and goes to work for Johnson Printing. He received higher pay, and it was a far better place to work.


After growing bored with playing various games, LunarDrake decided that he was going to get back into his old hobby of game creation. He tried several programs, such as game maker, but wasn't pleased with the results. He had always wanted to make a Mario game, even before starting with RPGs. He stumbled across an smb3 level editor, played with it a bit, but decided it was too limited for making what he wanted. He then got the bright idea of trying to do things with Mario World. It was at this time that LunarDrake discovered SMWC.

06-11-2008 01:20:32 AM

LunarDrake joins SMWC. He begins making a few graphic sets, but is primarily concered with learning the ins and outs of LunarMagic, as well as other hacking tools. In the month of December, he releases his first demo, Super Mario "Tentative Title" [Demo], which he wishes he had never released, even though it had positive feedback.


LunarDrake comes across Golden Yoshi, aka Steven, Jacob, in the IRC channel. Golden Yoshi is in need of character graphics for his hack, SMW2+3 The Essence Star. LunarDrake decides to do some the various sets for Golden Yoshi. Upon the hack's release, people begin to wonder who LunarDrake is. Testing his skills, others begin to ask for him to do various graphics sets for them. It seems that yet again, his sets are starting to gain popularity. LunarDrake was then approached by S.N.N. to do various graphics for his hack, Bellum Letale, which is still in the works. Upon S.N.N. showing of screenshots of this hack, the graphic requests for LunarDrake started rolling in. Many of these requests have been fulfilled, and some are in the works.

Summer 2009

Not having showed much hacking skills off, LunarDrake decides to enter the Chocolate Level Design Contest. He places first, which he thinks is mainly due to level and graphic design. This furthered other's liking of his graphical style.


Currently LunarDrake is working on various common tilesets, such as grassland, underwater, etc.. He still continues to take graphic requests, and tries to finish them as quickly as he can. He still has yet to finish his own game, but remains happy due to his ability to help others.

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