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Also known as

KiiroBomber (YouTube)
Seru-kun (IRC)



Knows of

ROM/ASM/GFX/Music Hacking,
Ripping GFX, Sounds,
Making Games.

Join date



February 15, 1994

Known For

Solar Magic Advance, BS-X Project

LuigiBlood, also known as Clad95, Rico95, DarkRico, DarkLuigi, DarkMario, KiiroBomber and Seru-kun. He is French.

Started Hacking when Lunar Magic was still 1.62. He made his first released SMW hack named "Mario! Key of the Stars" that got lost when SMWCentral got hacked.

Before that, he made some (bad) games for Windows.

Right now, he's working on BS-X Project, which is about reviving and documenting the SNES' online addon, the Satellaview.

Has the habit to say "^^" all the time, and is a Roll.exe Fan (Mega Man Battle Network character) (but that word doesn't describe how much he's a fan...).

Worked on

- Solar Magic Advance (Super Mario Advance 4 Editor)
- Solar Core (Customizable Level Editor)
- BS-X Project - Reviving with Emulation
- Zeb 2 (Game)

External links

LuigiBlood's Main Webpage (Dropped!)

BS-X Project Website

LuigiBlood's YouTube account

Solar Magic Advance blog

LuigiBlood's DeviantArt page

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