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This article is about the Fictional Character. For the user, see Luigi (user).
The famous plumber's brother, Luigi!

Luigi is a prominently featured character in the Mario universe. He is the younger brother of Mario, and a palette swap. Luigi first appeared in the arcade game Mario Bros., where he was featured as a main character alongside Mario. Since his debut, Luigi has appeared in many games in the Mario series, most often accompanying Mario as a sidekick, but has also starred as the main character in Mario Is Missing! and Luigi's Mansion. In most games of the main series where a two-player mode is available, Luigi fills the role of the second player's character, but he has also appeared occasionally as a playable character in a single-player game, either as part of a secret revealed in-game or an unlockable, such as in Super Mario Galaxy.

While Luigi was originally created as a character identical to Mario except for being colored green instead of red, his rise in prominence in the Mario series lead to the adoption of a personality and style of his own.


Luigi is the younger brother of the ever-lovable Mario. First used as a simple palette swap of Mario in the original Super Mario Bros., Luigi went onto his sect of fame. In the American version Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi truly became his own character, inheriting special traits that Mario did not have. Even in the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2 (dubbed "The Lost Levels" in America), Luigi retained the ability to jump higher, albeit with the sacrifice of traction, than his older brother Mario. Luigi has gone on to develop his own separate personality from Mario, and even starred in his own spin-off game, Luigi's Mansion. Luigi is prominently featured as a selectable character in party and racing games revolving around the Mario franchise as well.


Luigi's personality greatly differs from that of his brother's. While the more robust Mario tends to think head first, Luigi is depicted as more of a scaredy-cat, such as in Luigi's Mansion. Even with his easily-frightened demeanor, you can count on Luigi to save the day if the need arises!

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