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Ludwig Von Koopa's Artwork in Super Mario World.
Ludwig Von Koopa's Artwork in New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Ludwig von Koopa (A.K.A. Kooky Von Koopa) is the ruler of the Twin Bridges, oldest, and the fourth Koopaling you face. He is unique in that his attack pattern is not shared by any other Koopaling. He switches between shooting fireballs, sliding in his shell, and leaping far to one side. Mario can only jump on Ludwig when he's in midair or shooting fireballs. Like the other Koopalings, not much of Ludwig's personality has been revealed, though it is known that he composes "Koopa Symphonies", is somewhat arrogant and is said to be the cruelest of all the Koopalings. His Castle is Level E.

Super Mario World

  • Attack pattern: (above)
  • To defeat: Jump on his head 3 times.
  • Alternate defeat: N/A


When you jump on Ludwig while he's jumping (after his shell slide), he won't go into his shell again after he reaches the ground. Instead, he will start to shoot fireballs again. You can use this glitch to quickly defeat him.


  • His name, hairstyle, and mannerisms are a very obvious parody of Ludwig von Beethoven. All of the Koopalings except for Larry and Bowser Jr. are supposed to reference singers in some way, and Ludwig's is the most obvious.

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