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To raise the drama of it, I'll use TC (Times change) to talk about major things that changed about LVK here.


Also known as

Ludwig, max.exe, LVK, LorettaVonKoopa



Knows of

How to make hacks on Macs (TC: Not anymore), how to turn a woman on, multiverse theory (among others), many secrets on the forum, how to piss any average user off effectively, etc.

Join date

December 1, 2009


March 11, 1995

Known For

Being an IRC dumbass, hating on noobs, being a total perv, being one of three Californian non-virgins


Pre-SMWC Career

LudwigVonKoopa originally discovered SMWC in late June of 2008, after seeing the video of a custom level called 'Blue Moon Battlefield' on Youtube and decided to inquire more, which led him to SMWC. He didn't register on SMWC until the date above because he didn't want his parents to know he was involved in something bearing the word 'hacking' in it. Instead he stumbled upon Game Maker and Hello Engine 3, which caught his eye for creating and editing. It was only appropriate that he discovered Mario Fan Games Galaxy afterwards (MFGG). He soon registered for the site and discovered the forums. After some time of posting in the forums, he seemed to be looked down upon by other members and decided to abandon his account. After thinking of what he would do next, he remembered SMWC and automatically joined with an account named after his favorite koopaling, Ludwig von Koopa.

Life on SMWC

LudwigVonKoopa is an avid hacker, however, he rarely hacks SMW. These days he's been working on New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Pokemon LeafGreen/FireRed hacking. He has a long list of friends and a very short list of enemies. USUALLY he's pretty friendly, so don't be afraid to speak. Just for the sake of his last few bits of sanity, try to use proper english and spelling. He also is an extremely large perv.

TC: At some point in April 2011, he mysteriously vanished. And he return again in Febuary 2012.

Personal Life

LudwigVonKoopa has girlfriend he loves very much who is named Kelsey (Again, not anymore). Although she isn't on SMWC, she exists on most of the sites he belongs to. He also enjoys writing stories and working with HTML, with which he is developing a site called 'Chomp Rock Zone'. Most of all, he loves anything that allows him to create or edit games, primarily Lunar Magic. TC: Fuckin? hell, not anymore once again.

UPDATE: As of 9/25/10, Ludwig is no longer a virgin.

Ludwig's Site

As of [date citation needed], the Koopa Kingdom was born. The Koopa Kingdom seems to be more of a social board than a hacking board, so if you liked the talk forum, you'll love this place!


TC: Typically dead. Right now he's programming a site from scratch and working elsewhere.

Contact LVK

  • PM: Ludwig is on SMWC every day, so PMs work just fine if you have a question about Pokemon FireRed or NSMBWii hacking. TC: Times changed. No longer active
  • IRC: Ludwig is absolutely addicted to the IRC, so you can usually find him there. His frequented channels are: #smwc, #chanofice, #tkk, and some others that I can't talk about.
  • Skype: Was requested to download it. Never uses it.
  • Facebook: Does not have an account. TC: Right here

TC: None of these except for Facebook are still in use.


Ludwig has some rather...variable names for different occasions. Here they are along with reasons:

GoldenGoomba123 (earliest name, just not on SMWC), Ludwig (Shortened), LVK (Shortened), MudkipVonKoopa (Based on his mudkip fetish), Shadoo (Secondary IRC nick), max.exe (Used for email), Nightmare (Halloween), and KoopaKlaus (Christmas).

Fun Facts

  • He is a very good speller.
  • He is a very good artist.
  • He knows what S.N.N. stands for
  • He is one of three confirmed SMW hackers that use a Mac
  • He seems to overall piss off all the staff except for Kieran, Karkhisi, Amos, and Atma.
  • He HIGHLY abuses 'nough', 'K', and 'ohai'
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