Ludwig's Castle

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Super Mario World Level
Ludwig's Castle
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # E, D9, DA, DB, DC
Notes World 4 Castle.

Only level with Layer 2 On/Off switch sprite.

Butter Bridge 2
Ludwig's Castle
Forest of Illusion 1
Cookie Mountain
List of Levels

Ludwig's Castle is level number 00E and the 4th castle in Super Mario World. The castle is located on Cookie Mountain, next to a hill, and it controls the Twin Bridges area. Ludwig's Castle is also the only level with the layer 2 On/Off switch sprite that makes layer 2 move depending on the On/Off switch's state.

Level Design

Ludwig's Castle contains three normal rooms, one bonus room, and one boss room. The second room has a layer 2 on/off switch that can control a spiked ceiling. It is the only level that uses this effect. The third room is a climbing net room filled with spikes, and then comes the boss room. You can access the bonus room by finding a pass-through castle brick in the level you start in. Obviously, Ludwig is boss of this castle.

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