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Also known as



Knows of

Custom music, Danmakufu, Game Maker, anything that isn't SMW

Join date

Winter 2006 (wild guess)



Known For

Never finishing anything, being pretty kinda okay at programming

Lucas is a Moderator at SMW Central who is well-known for his non-SMW hacking endeavors, including several projects in Game Maker, Danmakufu, and RPG Maker. He is also known for his artwork, which ranges from hilariously bad MS Paint drawings to remixes and image edits. His username has also been Onthenet, Isaac, and Yukari Yakumo for extended periods of time. He focuses on moderating the Gaming Forum, and the Game Creation Forum, but has power in every forum as of the new staff changes.


Touhou: Phantasmal Parade

Lucas's Touhou fangame, coded in Danmakufu. It's gone through many incarnations, and features 4 teams of 2 characters, similar to Imperishable Night.


Lucas is currently working on custom compositions for SMWCP2, has been involved in many discussions about plot and game design, and will likely design a level. He hopes to offer a different perspective after having been away from the hacking scene for a while.


Lucas is the proud founder of the now decrepit FETUS?! fad, slappyfight, and really bad MS paint drawings in general.


SMWCmon, a SMWC themed parody of the Pokemon series. Currently frozen due to lack of motivation and college.
Lucas's user page.

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