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This page has an incomplete list of levels and sub-levels found in Super Mario World and their Lunar Magic level numbers.

Super Mario World Levels

ID Name
000 Bonus Game Room (100 is also used)
001 Vanilla Secret 2
002 Vanilla Secret 3
003 Top Secret Area
004 Donut Ghost House
005 Donut Plains 3
006 Donut Plains 4
007 Morton's Castle
008 Green Switch Palace
009 Donut Plains 2
00A Donut Secret 1
00B Vanilla Fortress
00C Butter Bridge 1
00D Butter Bridge 2
00E Ludwig's Castle
00F Cheese Bridge Area
010 Cookie Mountain
011 Soda Lake
012 Star Road (Not actually a level, but a warp)
013 Donut Secret House
014 Yellow Switch Palace
015 Donut Plains 1
016 Star Road (It’s actually a beta level that’s called Star Road)
017 2. Morton’s Plains (Beta level)
018 Sunken Ghost Ship
019 2. Morton’s Plains (Beta level...Yes, it’s here twice)
01A Wendy's Castle
01B Chocolate Fortress
01C Chocolate Island 5
01D Chocolate Island 4
01E Star Road (Not actually a level, but a warp)
01F Forest Fortress
020 Roy's Castle
021 Choco Ghost House
022 Chocolate Island 1
023 Chocolate Island 3
024 Chocolate Island 2
100 Bonus Game Room (000 is also used)
101 Iggy's Castle
102 Yoshi's Island 4
103 Yoshi's Island 3
104 Yoshi's House
105 Yoshi's Island 1
106 Yoshi's Island 2
107 Vanilla Ghost House
108 Star Road (It’s actually a beta level that’s just called Star Road)
109 Vanilla Secret 1
10A Vanilla Dome 3
10B Donut Secret 2
10C Star Road (Not actually a level, but a warp)
10D Front Door (Bowser’s Castle)
10E Back Door (Bowser’s Castle)
10F Valley of Bowser 4
110 Larry's Castle
111 Valley Fortress
112 Star Road (Not actually a level, but a warp)
113 Valley of Bowser 3
114 Valley Ghost House
115 Valley of Bowser 2
116 Valley of Bowser 1
117 Chocolate Secret
118 Vanilla Dome 2
119 Vanilla Dome 4
11A Vanilla Dome 1
11B Red Switch Palace
11C Lemmy's Castle
11D Forest Ghost House
11E Forest of Illusion 1
11F Forest of Illusion 4
120 Forest of Illusion 2
121 Blue Switch Palace
122 Forest Secret Area
123 Forest of Illusion 3
124 Star Road (Not actually a level, but a warp)
125 Funky
126 Outrageous
127 Mondo
128 Groovy
129 Star Road (Not actually a level, but a warp)
12A Gnarly
12B Tubular
12C Way Cool
12D Awesome
12E Star Road (Not actually a level, but a warp)
12F Star Road (Not actually a level, but a warp)
130 Star World 2
131 Star Road (Not actually a level, but a warp)
132 Star World 3
133 Star Road (Not actually a level, but a warp)
134 Star World 1
135 Star World 4
136 Star World 5
137 Star Road (Not actually a level, but a warp)
138 Star Road (Not actually a level, but a warp)
139 Unused
13A Unused
13B Unused

Lunar Magic Levels

ID(s) Name and Information
Level 0: Do not use. Bonus room. All pipes leading to this will break the game.
Level 1: VANILLA SECRET 2: Normal level
Level 2: VANILLA SECRET 3: Normal with layer 3 water and dolphins
Level 3: TOP SECRET AREA: Bonus level with Side exit
Level 4: DONUT GHOST HOUSE: Ghost house, secet exit
Level 5: DONUT PLAINS 3: Normal
Level 6: DONUT PLAINS 4: Normal
Level 7: #2 MORTON’S CASTLE: Castle
Level 8: GREEN SWITCH PALACE: Switch palace
Level 9: DONUT PLAINS 2: Underground, secret exit, scrolling
Level A: DONUT SECRET 1: Underwater, secret exit
Level B: VANILLA FORTRESS: Underwater fortress
Level C: BUTTER BRIDGE 1: normal, scrolling
Level D: BUTTER BRIDGE 2: normal
Level E: LUDWIG’S CASTLE: castle
Level F: CHEESE BRIDGE AREA: normal, secret
Level 10: COOKIE MOUNTAIN: normal
Level 11: SODA LAKE: underwater
Level 13: DONUT SECRET HOUSE: ghost house, secret exit activated by Big Boo Boss. Only level this happens
Level 14: YELLOW SWITCH PALACE: Switch palace
Level 15: Donut plains 1: Normal, secret exit
Level 17: #2 MORTON’S PLAINS: Not used? Copy of Donut Plains 1 wit glitchy BG
Level 18: SUNKEN GHOST SHIP: Ghost house, but a ship. Underwater. 1 room vertical
Level 19: #2 MORTON’S PLAINS: See Level 17
Level 1A: #6 WENDY’S CASTLE: Castle
Level 1C: CHOCOLATE ISLAND 5: Normal
Level 1D: CHOCOLATE ISLAND 4: Underground
Level 1F: FOREST FORTRESS: Fortress, scroll and layer 3 smash
Level 20: #5 ROY’S CASTLE: Castle
Level 21: CHOCO-GHOST HOUSE: Ghost house
Level 22: CHOCOLATE ISLAND 1: Normal
Level 23: CHOCOLATE ISLAND 3: Normal, Secret exit
Level 24: CHOCOLATE ISLAND 2: Normal, secret exit. Do not place pipes in this level! Where the pipe leads to depends on number of coins and time.
Level 25-100 Not used?
Level 101: #1 IGGY’S CASTLE: Castle, second room has scroll
Level 102: YOSHI’S ISLAND 4: Normal, layer 3 water
Level 103: YOSHI’S ISLAND 3: Normal
Level 104: YOSHI’S HOUSE: Do not change, it is used during the ending.
Level 105: YOSHI’S ISLAND 1: Normal
Level 106: YOSHI’S ISLAND 2: Normal
Level 107: VANILLA GHOST HOUSE: Ghost house
Level 109: VANILLA SECRET 1: Underground, secret exit, vertical
Level 10A: VANILLA DOME 3: Underground
Level 10B: DONUT SECRET 2: Underground, slippery
Level 10D: FRONT DOOR: Castle, the front door of Bowsers Castle
Level 10E: BACK DOOR: Castle, the back door of Bowsers Castle
Level 10F: VALLEY OF BOWSER 4: Underground, secret exit
Level 110: #7 LARRY’S CASTLE: Castle
Level 111: VALLEY FORTRESS: Fortress, layer 2 smash
Level 112: Not used?
Level 113: VALLEY OF BOWSER 3: underground
Level 114: VALLEY GHOST HOUSE: ghost house, secret exit
Level 115: VALLEY OF BOWSER 2: Underground, layer 2 scroll activated
Level 116: VALLEY OF BOWSER 1: Underground
Level 117: CHOCOLATE SECRET: underground
Level 118: VANILLA DOME 2: underground, secret exit
Level 119: VANILLA DOME 4: normal
Level 11A: VANILLA DOME 1: underground, secret exit
Level 11B: RED SWITCH PALACE: Switch palace
Level 11C: #3 LEMMY’S CASTLE: Castle
Level 11D: FOREST GHOST HOUSE: Ghost house, secret exit
Level 11F: FOREST OF ILLUSION 4: normal, secret exit
Level 120: FOREST OF ILLUSION 2: underwater, secret exit
Level 121: BLUE SWITCH PALACE: switch palace
Level 122: FOREST SECRET AREA: normal
Level 123: FOREST OF ILLUSION 3: normal, secret exit
Level 125: FUNKY: normal, has green berries to replenish time
Level 126: OUTRAGEOUS: normal
Level 127: MONDO: normal with Layer 3 water
Level 128: GROOVY: normal
Level 12A: GNARLY: normal, vertical
Level 12B: TUBULAR: normal
Level 12C: WAY COOL: normal
Level 12D: AWESOME: Normal, slippery
Level 130: STAR WORLD 2: underwater, secret exit, blue yoshi unlock level
Level 132: STAR WORLD 3: normal, secret exit, orange yoshi unlock level
Level 134: STAR WORLD 1: underground, vertical, secret exit
Level 135: STAR WORLD 4: normal, secret exit
Level 136: STAR WORLD 5: normal, secret exit
Level 12, 16, 1E, 108, 10C, 124, 129, 12E, 12F, 131, 133, 137, 138: Star road warps
Level 139: Not used?

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