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Also known as

Agahnim the Wizard and Flaming Mothula



Knows of

Everything except ASM

Join date

February 26th, 2009



Known For

Being very kind overall, and usually being very supportive of hacks. He also posts some great constructive criticism.

LinksPetYoshi is a member of SMWC (Super Mario World Central). He isn't a hacker, and more of a helper, as he has helped many, many people with their SMW Hacks. He hopes to be able to help this site become more and more educational to future SMW hackers.

If you want to know more about him, view his SMWC profile. There's a link to it below.

Interesting Facts

  • He was originally called 'Agahnim the Wizard' for a week due to a special celebration. He chose that name due to his obsession with LoZ: A Link to the Past. Ever since name changes were canceled he has been known as LinksPetYoshi (or LPY for short).
  • Ever since he was 6 he's been obsessed with the Spyro series, this caused him to create a Spyro Fanboy Userbar to further show his love of the series.

External Links

SMWC Profile

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