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September 7, 1995

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SMWSMB3GFX SMW2:Y'sI-Luigi's Adventure userpage = 1944

Link13 is a male who is a current SMW Central user that started at the age of 12. His birth name is Charles but he likes to be called CJ, since his parents gave him the nickname since birth. His favorite color is Green. He is into Hard Rock bands and Classic Rock and Roll, Rockabilly.(50's - 80's music) Favorite characters are Yoshi, Luigi, Link, Mario, and Kirby in that order. The first game he ever saw was Super Mario RPG, and that's when his first word "Mario" came in.


Introduced to the Central

Link13 was introduced into the site when he was 8 years old by his older brother. His first name, when he first signed in SMW Central, was Linker13. But he thought it was stupidly inappropriate, so he changed it to Link13.


He's working on a hack for awhile but he never really touched the Rom because of problems in life and school. He also had other hacks, but lost the motive to finish them. He also made a side project in Yoshi's Island by switching baby Mario to baby Luigi. He is a skilled GFX modder and a palette modder, but he tends to edit sprites. He was working on a hack with Pikachu32, called "Team Hax." But he hasn't really been doing much with it. So, he quit on it. He tends to start something, but never finish it.

Super Mario World: Super Mario Bros.3 GFX

The hack that Pac already made. Link13 liked his hack, but he noticed some odd differences between Pac's hack and Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 3. Link13's goal is to make it VERY similar to SMAS:SMB.3, with a lot of palette changes, GFX changes, and sprite changes. He has been working on this hack since 2008. But kept going On/Off with this hack because of life situations. He's trying his best to continue this hack, but can't find the time to do so.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - Baby Luigi's Adventure

A hack that was pretty easy to edit. All he did was edit the GFX to make Mario's face to Luigi's face. He edit the shoe color palette to green, so Luigi's hat will be always green. He also changed some Text in the game, so it didn't say "Mario." Also, Yellow Yoshi's palette seems more "yellow." NO LEVELS WERE CHANGED

Other Projects

Link13 is trying to do other SMW Rom hacking. Like, using custom sprites, and custom music. He talked to Koyuki about remaking Super Mario Bros. 2 USA, which Link13 is currently making. He would like to see SMWCentral have more remade sprites to put on his hacks. Like bosses and items.

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