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Also known as

LikeLakers, LL, LL2



Knows of

Alot of technological stuff you probably won't understand

Join date

2009-10-09 11:34:32 AM


May 6

Known For

Umm... Being annoying to SNN I guess?

My page.

testing my MOText template here <-- yay it works


IRC Bots that he owns

His wiki "folders"

His wiki/mediawiki site(s)

  • LL2Wiki
    • (Note: since it runs from the same computer as the one he uses, it will not always be up. Therefore, if it errors out, don't worry.)
    • (Another note: If you check his SMWC user page, you will see a Skype icon. If it says my status os online, (green, checkmark) away, (yellow, clock arrows) or Do Not Disturb, (red, horizontal line) then it is likely to be up.) (Yet another note: If this is breaking the rules, feel free to remove the link.)
    • (Yet ANOTHER note: the link requires hamachi, that is, unless non-hamachi people can go on hamachi ips) Nevermind I fix'd it
    • (MOAR NOTES: if you want to join a hamachi network to connect to it, connect to LL2Wiki )
      • If it asks for a password, use this as the password: ll2wiki

Funny pic(s) of his

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