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Lemmy, as he appeared in Super Mario World.
Lemmy's official artwork in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Lemmy Koopa is the second oldest of Bowser's children, and as such, only Ludwig von Koopa is his elder. In Super Mario World, he resided in a castle within the caves of Vanilla Dome.

He is named after the lead singer of the band Motörhead.

Hacking Information

Unlike most bosses, the boss room that Lemmy is in (1F2) can be edited with Lunar Magic. The only other boss level that works like this is Wendy (D3). He is immune to Koopa shells, though the decoys are not. Note that hitting the decoys with a shell will cause them to launch off to the side of the player's screen, warp to the other side, fall down, warp to the top of the player's screen, then finally disappear.

Boss Battle

In the battle, Lemmy himself does not attack, instead popping out of one of the pipes in the arena at random. The danger comes from the Reflecting Podoboo bouncing around, which has a habit of blocking you off from Lemmy. Along with Lemmy, two decoys appear in other pipes. Attacking them gives points, but does not deal damage to Lemmy. In essence, the battle is reaching Lemmy and stomping on his head before he dives back into his pipe, while also avoiding the Podoboo. Defeating Lemmy plunges him into the lava below.

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