Lemmy's Castle

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Super Mario World Level
Lemmy's Castle
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 11C, 1F2, 1F3, 1F4
Notes Third Castle level.
Vanilla Dome 4
Lemmy's Castle
Cheese Bridge Area
List of Levels

Lemmy's Castle is level 11C in Lunar Magic and it's the third castle in the game, at the end of Vanilla Dome. Lemmy's Castle is the only level in the game with a Magikoopa besides Larry's Castle.

Level Design

Secret room in Lemmy's castle

The First room of the castle involves avioding Magikoopa. You either need the Magikoopa to destroy the yellow blocks with it's spell, or use spin-jump if you're Super Mario. Once past, there is a water segment with floating platforms. You can get the P-Switch here to gain access to the Midway Point and a 1-up. The next room involves rock structures rising and sinking in lava. You must wait for the right time to avoid falling in the lava or being crushed by the stone. At the end, there is a boss door that leads to Lemmy.

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