Larry's Castle

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Super Mario World Level
Larry's Castle
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 110, 1FE, 1EB
Notes The last Koopa Kid castle in the game.
One the few castles to contain Yoshi Coins.
Front Door
Valley of Bowser 4
Larry's Castle
Valley Ghost House
List of Levels

Larry's Castle is the 6th level in the Valley of Bowser. It is also the seventh and final castle in the game, excluding Bowser's Castle.

Level Design

The first room has a Block Snake (creating & eating block combo). It involves avoiding spikes and Ball 'n' Chains. You can also get some Yoshi Coins on the way.
The second room has Magikoopa in it. Unless you have a Feather, you will need to use him to get though the walls of Turn Blocks. The room is also guarded by Wooden Spikes. In the end of the second room, there is a Green ! block and the door to Larry.

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