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Also known as

Demi, Miley, Hikari, Confucius, Suiseiseki, Holidadida, Ladeeeeeda



Knows of

Custom graphics, OW design, 65c816 assembly

Join date

February 15, 2009



Known For

Being slow, lazy, helpful, and creator of Bonni's Quest

Ladida is a user from SMW Central who is a former hack moderator. Ladida was born on February 15, 1994. Ladida is 18 years old and lives in California, a state in the USA. Ladida's race is disputed; some say Italian, others French, others German, and some even say Israeli o_O. But Ladida is Mexican.


How Ladida Found The Central

Once upon a time (end of August '08), Ladida was looking through Youtube videos. After going through a few vids, Ladida found a video about an automatic SMW level. Enlightened, Ladida sought a way to edit SMW, and ended up arriving to FuSoYa's website, where Ladida downloaded Lunar Magic and somehow found a ROM. Ladida, later on, found SMW Central through a link on FuSoYa's webpage. There Ladida found hacking heaven, but decided not to register yet (Ladida was, and still is, a really shy person). After fiddling with Lunar Magic for a few months, plus learning all the other basic hacking skills, Ladida decided to register on February 15, 2009. Due to fiddling with LM before registering, Ladida was not seen as such a n00b (a good thing :D). Yes.

Ladida's Skills

Ladida has a variety of SMW hacking skills, ranging from being able to move a piece of dirt in LM to being able to lift weights... I mean being able to interpret non-complex ASM code. Ladida's best skill is graphics design, which can be seen by the hack Bonni's Quest. Following graphics are overworld design, then... who knows, but music is the worst skill.

Ladida's Obsessions

Ladida has had many different obsessions. Here is a list of them:

  • Anime

Ladida's Hacks

Ladida has started a variety of hacks. Here is a list of them:

  • Bonni's Quest (frozen)
  • The Mario and Yoshi Adventure (frozen)
  • Agent X - Undercover (dead)
  • Bit (dead)
  • Daisy and the Flower of Hope (dead)
  • Daisy's Adventure (dead)
  • Hannah Montana - The Hack (dead)
  • Hikari (dead)
  • Jungle Boy (dead)
  • Kaira's Challenge (dead)
  • Mario's Path to Glory (dead)
  • Mario's Super Adveturous Vacation (dead)
  • One Bullet Too Soon (dead)
  • Peach's Revenge (dead)
  • Super Desu World (in progress)

There may or may not be more.


Go here.

Small Nuggets of Wisdom

  • Ladida's Youtube username is SuperSmashBrosCombat, which is the name of Ladida's fake/imaginary Super Smash Bros Game.
  • Ladida's main hack, Bonni's Quest, started as some random hack that Ladida was just gonna test character graphics on. The hack eventually developed, and will develop, into a hack full of Ladida's fetishes.

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