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November 8 2008


March 13 1995

Known For

Being a former hack moderator.

Kristian joined SMW Central on 2008-11-08 at 09:18:20 PM.
Kristian is a former hack moderator and also a local moderator at a small hacking community named Team Haunted.
If you ever want to talk to Kristian or ask a question about smw hacking he (hopefully) can answer, drop him a PM, or talk to him on the IRC
Kristian frequents #smwc, #serioushax, #lolmusic, and #th on


Current projects

The Cloud Palace

Kristian's main project as of now is his hack, The Cloud Palace. The hack is set to be 5 worlds long with 40-50 levels. TCP uses custom music, ExGFX, and hopefully, good level design.


A collab hack made by the fine fellows at Kristian originally started this collab, but was still an unexperienced hacker. He ended up handing over the project to yoshicookiezues. Kristian has made a total of 7 levels for it. He also made the overworld for the hack, though YCZ made some improvements on it.

Various other Collaborations

A few other projects Kristian is currently helping out in are: SMWCP, Legend of Element Island, and The Phantasm War. He also made a level in A Very Haunted Halloween, a collab by Team Haunted.

Hacking history

Epic Mario World

Kristian submitted his first hack to SMWC named 'Epic Mario World' which was instantly rejected because,

  1. It sucked, and was kaizo.
  2. Submitted a ROM.

Super Mario RPG World

A really sucky hack. Linear and badly designed. Better than Epic Mario World, since this wasn't a kaizo, but it was still horrible. This hack was cancelled a long time ago. Actually, the hack got accepted on the site, but Kristian thought it was too bad, and was a bad example of Kristian's real hacking skill that he requested it taken off the site.

Super Mario Challenge

Kristian and his friend Nintendude (Awesomeman) worked on a half decent team hack named 'Super Mario Challenge.' It is finished, submitted to the site, and can be found in the Hack section.

Super Mario Challenge 2

Kristian and Nintendude began working on the sequel, when Kristian's computer was smashed. After such a long break the project just kind of stopped.

Fun Facts

  • The Cloud Palace was originally going to be called The Windy Castle, and was going to be completely vanilla.
  • Kristian is Kristian's real first name.
  • Kristian is somewhat of a jock. He plays hockey, and tennis, as well as many other sports with his friends.
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