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a few stuff about SMW hacking

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February 10, 2008


November 28, 1993

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SMAS styled SMW hacks

Koyuki is some random user on SMW Central. He is fairly active on the forums and mostly on IRC. He's the kind of person that would prefer lurking than posting most of the time. He makes hacks that use Super Mario All-Stars graphics all the time for several reasons mainly SMAS being his all time favorite game on the SNES. The levels he make is also mostly based on SMAS or SMB3's level design for the same reason mentioned earlier. He currently has 1 finished hack and some several hacks either frozen or still being worked on. On IRC, you can see him on a few channels, though he's mainly active on channels like #smwc, #serioushax, #gensokyo and some others.

How it all began

There was a time Koyuki was playing some ROM hacks. He then decided to make his own hack for fun. After that, he found Lunar Magic in some ROM hacking site and started to hack a Super Mario World ROM.

At some time, He was lurking on SMW Central in the late 2007 and got interested in coding custom sprites. After learning some basic smw hacking stuff, he registered on SMW Central to contribute his works and such in the early 2008 under the name Mirumo. He's rarely active on the site back then. Only logs in to download resources and only posts in the SMW hacking parts of the forum. He started posting in different parts of the forum after getting finished on working on his first serious hack called SMB3X.

As of now

He barely does anything SMW hacking related nowadays due to having less interest than what he used to when he still works on his first hack and being generally lazy. He still makes levels and other stuff from time to time though. What he do mostly these days are just reading threads, posting a bit and talking to his friends on IRC.

Koyuki's Hacks

  • Super Mario Bros. 3X - Koyuki's first finished hack that use SMAS, YI and some other. It was heavily SMB3 themed.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 remake - A hack remake of SMB2. Frozen for an indefinite amount of time
  • Super Mario Bros. Remake - A remake of the Super Mario All-Stars version of SMB1. Currently frozen due to the continuation of SMBC
  • Super Mario Bros. Chaos - Koyuki's second official hack. It still use SMAS graphics and a bit from other games. Currently frozen due to lack of motivation.
  • Super Mario Bros. 1X - Koyuki's recent demo hack. This hack doesn't have an official name yet and so it was named after SMB3X for the time being. This is mainly SMB1 themed and uses a mix of graphics between SMAS and such.
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