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31 (gets cane)

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ASM, Graphics, Music

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Inventing imaginary catgirls, ASM hax0ring, Serial rapist of guys, Biggest Pervert 4 times running, Lazyness

KilloZapit is user #346 at Super Mario World Central. He registered on 09/01/2007. And he is totally awesome.


Why KilloZapit Is So Awesome


  • Is a 1337 ASM Hax0r
  • Is the holder of the coveted Biggest Pervert title
  • Invents imaginary catgirls
  • Is a shapeshifter
  • Has his own IRC channel
  • Has his own dimension hopping castle called "Killovania"
  • Likes Pie

Hacking Projects

Killo has not released any full hacks yet, but has one in progress. Fully titled "Neko Dream - Yellow Version: The Magical Fantasy Adventures of Jiggles the Catgirl - Part 1: Killo's World - A dubious experiment in ROM hacking", "Jiggles" is a hack starting KilloZapit's imaginary catgirl Jiggles. Although progress on it is slow, it's still being actively worked on, and should be done before the world ends on Dec 21, 2012. Hopefully. (a video showing some progress is here)

He is however working on many ASM patches for use in this hack that have penitential to be stand alone patches. One has been released and one is sitting in his filebin. Some other minor ones are in his filebin as well. Other ones that are not yet publicly available include a inventory system using the item box and the L and R buttons, and some $71 animation hacks that may someday expand into a general patch for new ones.

Killo also has a expansive set of batch files for adding patches/sprites/etc onto a copy of a base hack which he uses for testing asm while keeping a mostly patch free copy. That way patches can be commented out easily without left overs.

Other Activities

Killo founded a IRC channel called "sexyhax" as a counterpart to Super Mario World Central's IRC ASM help channel called "serioushax". The channel is perfectly normal and nothing unusual or NSFW ever happens there. Come on in and ask Killo for a tour. Also idle as much as possible. This will have no repercussions on your sanity what so ever. Honest!

As of now, sexyhax has merged with and will redirect to another channel.

Killo's Blog

Killo has a blog that he uses to rant about things, and sometimes has details about his hacking progress or lack thereof. It has pictures!

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