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Basics of hacking, what not to do, basic graphics and music stuffs, computer stuffs, Photoshop and Art.

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Not a thing. =D

Khnum666 found SMWCentral from watching ProtonJon's Let's Plays of SMW ROMHacks. He became interested in making his own ROMHack and so quickly downloaded all of the necessary tools. He played around with Lunar Magic for a while and got to grips with the basics.

After realising that it was not as hard as he thought he decided to find out what made a hack good, and what made them bad. He spent a week reading through every single post in the Moderation of Hacks and Files thread. After that he decided to start work on his first hack.



King Boo's Revenge


The King of all the Boos feels that Bowser has been giving all evil-doers a bad name. He has decided to take things into his own hands and defeat Mario once and for all, without any kidnapping Peach nonsense!


Since Khnum666 had no ASM knowledge he opted for basic Graphics Edits, every few levels a different enemy would be changed into "Boo-Form". Each castle would have a different Big Boo Boss at the end with King Boo at the final castle.


Khnum was surprised by the positive reception his hack was receiving. Everybody was always wanting to give him feedback and help him with his problems.


Unfortunately, due to using both Block Tools on his hack it became corrupted and was unable to be ported to a new ROM. It is therefore currently cancelled. A total of 2 levels were made to about 90% completion and 1 submap was created. Khnum decided to move onto his next hack and try to avoid 'nooby' mistakes.

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