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The Key is an item Mario can pick up and bring to a Keyhole in order to activate a secret exit. Getting the Key to the Keyhole is often a puzzle, but it is sometimes used in place of a Secret Goal for its quick exit, instead of having the Goal Tape routine (which makes the key and keyhole setup work much smoother, especially in tight places where Mario would be running into a wall, etc...).

Advanced players can glitch the key due to they being able to both jump and pick it at the same time, the so called Key Jumping. This also works due to the fact that it is, basically, a portable platform. However, this technique should never be required to beat a level. It's unfair, and, most of the time, requires use of slowdown

The key is sprite number 80 in Lunar Magic.

State 8

In Super Mario World, there is a game genie item reserve cheat code that can spawn any item in the reserve box. By changing the last 2 numbers to any hex number will spawn a random item. However if you input the following code, 7E0DC20D (Pro Action Replay), the item in the reserve box will look glitched, but, when released, will be a flying key. However, for some reason it hurts Mario when he touches it. It can't die, and Mario can spin jump on it. It can become a normal key, if Mario touches the key when Mario has star power. Yoshi can also eat it, and when spat out, it can turn into a normal key as well. It can also be spawned by sprite generators if the state is set to normal (8). The flying key is the "normal" state (8) of the key, and state 9 (stunned) is the non-hurting normal key. It is unknown whether the flying key was a sprite Nintendo hadn't finished coding and forgot to take out of the final product, or a glitched object that uses other object pointers, as it doesn't show in Lunar Magic's Sprite Window, nor does it appear as any unused objects with Lunar Magic's Add sprite Manual command.


  • Keys are one of the seven items (eight if you count the P-Balloon) that can be double grabbed. To do so, simply grab both the key and another object on the same frame.
  • Keys are one of the seven items that can be grabbed on Yoshi if the key is grabbed on the same frame Mario lands on Yoshi. This will only work if the key is in a lower sprite slot than Yoshi.
  • Mario can jump off of the key while grabbing it at the same time is both A/B and X/Y are pressed on the same frame. This can be repeated indefinitely.
  • Mario can be pushed into walls if he is between two keys (or a key and another solid item) and the wall.
  • Two keys (or a key and another solid item) or one key and a Yoshi are able to push Mario through ceilings if he lands on the items close enough to the ceiling.
  • When Yoshi has a key in his mouth, a keyhole can be activated even during the death fall.
  • If Mario gets knocked off of Yoshi while a key is stuck to Yoshi's tongue, the key will lose proper ground interaction until Yoshi swallows it again or it despawns.
  • If a key is dropped into a corner after doing the above glitch, Mario can stand on the key and not be crushed by walls as long as he's standing on the key, even if he's completely surrounded by them.
  • When the sprite overload glitch is used on a key, its graphics will glitch. In addition, Mario bounces up and down when standing on it, and it will act like an unstoppable, spinjumpable shell when spit out by Yoshi.
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