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Bits of everything really. And guitar.

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April 13

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Buried Treasure, Jigsaw's Test, being a former mod, and many breakthrough techniques.

Kc is a rather crazy fellow who first joined the site before the big wipe. After the wipe, Kc didn't register right away, and instead lurked for a while. He eventually rejoined the site in August 2007, and he began showing his work for his new Egyptian-styled hack. His project was soon called the "Mario: Sands of the Past," but was eventually named it's permanent tile Buried Treasure.

During the first Super Mario World Central Creativity Convention, Kc and Foursword4 released a short hack titled Jigsaw's Test. The hack was a surprise to the community, and focused around escaping a room with traps within a time limit. The hack was well received, yet no further plans for the hack has been revealed.

On April 21 2009, Kc was promoted to a Local Moderator (along with Alcaro, Hach, WhiteYoshiEgg, and Roy). His duties were to watch over certain forums, as well as helping out with hack moderation. In July 2009, Kc finally released his much anticipated hack Buried Treasure. Shortly after, Kc resigned from staff, and announced that he would be leaving the central to focus more on real life issues. Kc can still be spotted on the central every once in a while, although he has yet to truly return. Time will tell if he returns for good.

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