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How it was born

On 10/19/2010 10:06:00 Hawaiian Time Sharp, user 6892, mockingod, created a thread. This thread was a proposal for a Kaizo Hack Section, in which people would be able to submit their work of Kaizo to the site. Now this was not just any Kaizo proposal. This proposal was serious, not one that was asking, "Why isn't there a Kaizo section???". In the end, SNN said that He and Kieran were talking about this, and they said that it would come, but would not come for a while.

After a time span of about 8 and a half days, the Kaizo Hack SubForum located in the Hack Discussion section was born. Link to the thread. Link to the Forum.

<Blumiere> snn said he made it directly after kieran said we had enough forums as it is

Misc. Info

The Sub-Subforum has the forum ID of 69, which is a sick or funny number, however you want to interpret it. It is currently moderated by Ultimaximus.

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