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2007-08-20 09:26:50 AM


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Several things, being a ninja frog


The Frog

Kaeru took his name from Chrono Trigger's character, Frog. Some events in his life made him feel identified with Frog, so he decided to change his name. Kaeru enjoys browsing around the forums, however, he does not post as much as he did before. He also enjoys to work on random PHP scripts, playing any RPGs he can find and listening to music while he is on the computer. Kaeru is almost always available at MSN or IRC, so feel free to contact him if you need help with whatever he's good at.


SMW Hacks

Kaeru has worked/is working on many hacks, some uploaded to SMW Central, some other not... After the hack wipe incident, only Hero Link was caring enough to upload one of Kaeru's hacks, which was Kaeru's Unnamed hack demo. There are also rumors of Kaeru working on a hack that will feature himself (Frog) as protagonist.

SMW Team Hacks

Kaeru is working along with A Yoshi and Remnic in A Yoshi - Quest for the Golden Eggs, and working with Remnic in Triforce Island.


KaOni is a forum system being currently developed by Kaeru in PHP. It is quite functional, yet, it is still in progress.

Contact Information

  • MSN: darklink898 AT gmail.com
  • E-mail: darklink898 AT gmail.com

You can find him on the IRC or MSN from 4 PM to 11 PM GMT-6:00 on weekdays, and mostly all day long on weekends.

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