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SMW Central User #10259
Cereal Guy does not approve.
Username: K3nny
Also know as: N/A
Name: Kendall
Join Date: April 18, 2010
Age: 15
Birthdate: March 11, 1997
Location: Washington
Knows of: Just about everything but ASM
Known for: Nothing really

K3nny is a rather average SMWCentral user. He is not well well known due to not posting much (averaging less than one PPD) and never visiting the IRC.



On February 1, 2010, K3nny discovered Let's Plays of kaizo hacks by Azurablade49. Awed by the fact that you could make your own Super Mario World levels, he searched on how to make them and quickly discovered Lunar Magic.

K3nny first discovered SMWCentral on February 13, 2010, but did not show interest in the site other than downloading custom music until about a week before he registered. On April 18, 2010, he registered because he wanted to show off his hack. K3nny has remained an active user since.


K3nny has worked on multiple hacks in his career, but has finished only two.

Super Hack World

Construction time: February 2010 - March 2010 Status: Cancelled

K3nny's first hack. It was full cutoff, floating munchers, and kaizo design. It was cancelled after he realized how terrible it was.

Super Mario World: The Final Chapter

Construction time: March 2010 - June 2010 Status: Cancelled

Basically an improvement of Super Hack World. The level design was much better than before, but wasn't great. A three-world demo was was submitted in May 2010, but got rejected due to several errors. The hack was cancelled after he decided that Luigi's Heated Journey (see below) would be his primary focus.

Luigi's Heated Journey

Construction time: May 2010 - August 2010 Status: Complete

His first completed hack as well as his first hack to use custom sprites. It contained 13 levels and 15 exits.

Mario's Unexpected Endeavor

Construction time: July 2010 - April 2012 Status: Cancelled

The hack was planned to contain 70 levels and 84 exits, being his largest project yet. He cancelled the hack after lacking the motivation to create levels.

Mario's Island Exploration

Construction time: April 2012 - May 2012 Status: Complete

K3nny used most of what he had made for Mario's Island Exploration and turned it into a smaller hack with 15 levels and 18 exits. He released it at C3 2012.

Other Information

K3nny is rather antisocial and does not like working with other people much. He likes to surf the internet, play tennis, and watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic during his free time.

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