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A Jumping Piranha Plant is a type of Piranha Plant found only in Super Mario World.

A Jumpin' Piranha Plant and Jumpin' Pumpkin Plant.



It has the head of a regular Piranha Plant, with a short stem on the bottom that spins around in a propeller-like fashion, allowing it to jump into the air and descend slowly. The head is red with white spots while the stem is green. Like regular Piranha Plants, they have white "lips", no eyes, and a set of razor-sharp teeth that will punish anyone who tries to jump on it.


As the name suggests, the Jumpin' Piranha Plant jumps. They are known to hide inside Warp Pipes and behind bushes. They will leap a great distance out of their hiding spot once they spy Mario. On their descent, they slowly fall back to their original spot. If they are inside a pipe and Mario stands next to or on top of the pipe, they will not come out until Mario goes away again.

Some Jumpin' Piranha Plants spit two fireballs promptly after reaching the apex of their initial jump. Also, after clearing the Special World, the Piranha Plant's head transforms into a living pumpkin, thereby turning it into what the ending calls "Jumpin' Pumpkin Plant".

Hacking Information

  • Jumpin' Piranha Plants are standard sprite number 4F and 50 (spits fire,) in Lunar Magic.

Sprite Glitches

These sprites wont sink back into their original positions if there are blocks above it that it can jump to. It latches onto the first block it touches whilst sinking back down.

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