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Josh's Island
[[A jumping Porcu-puffer!|250px]]



Latest version

None released yet.



Production status

WIP, beta 1




None yet.

Josh's Island is a relatively small WIP hack by Pureblade consisting of 46 levels.



From the readme:

After the events of Super Mario World, Josh is living on his (badly named) "Josh's Island".

Bowser has found Mario and ground-pounded him to a, what he thinks, deserted island.

Josh actually lives here and thinks that someone's attacking his island.

Josh asks Sevil for help to eliminate the attacker, receiving Sevilships, Seviltanks, Shellers and more from Sevil.

Josh will cause a big problem for Mario, who isn't even an actual attacker.

However, Sevil secretly knows that the "attacker" is Mario and wants to get rid of him, but why would he want that?


The game will be using all 7 maps:

  • W1- A Snow world.
  • W2- A Forest world.
  • W3- An Acid Cave world.
  • W4- A Sky world.
  • W5- An Underground enemy hideout type of thing.
  • W6- Old Josh's Island.
  • W*- A bonus world, somewhere in the Grand Finale Galaxy.


Screenshots aren't really all of them anymore, since Pureblade can't get on his Photobucket account and is now using ImageShack. Screenshots:

Flying Bumpty + kicking Shellesser !-switch activates green coin challenge here Yoshi eating an apple/berry

A fast Venus Vertical level wrap Behind the net and the ledge

A jumping Porcu-puffer! A cave with poisonous and normal swoopers, also a swooper ceiling later

The videos can be found on Pureblade's YT channel.



  • The bonus world has many stars which together make the shape of the SMW star world.
  • A few stars will even lead Mario to places where he hasn't come before yet, such as a place full with homing bills.
  • Josh's Island was originally planned to be a Yoshi's Island styled hack, thus the name Josh's Island.
  • Josh's Island includes things that weren't in the original SMW, just like many other hacks. Examples are the Swooper Ceiling, a "Behind net=Behind Ledge" gimmick, a Jumping Porcu-Puffer and Green Coin challenges.
  • The world "Old Josh's Island" was the original design of Josh's Island, to be used throughout the hack. He just felt like making more maps, and thus made it what it is now, flooded.
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