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LM, custom blocks, custom sprites, custom music, ExGFX, palettes, various LM related functions

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07:15:36 PM


September 19th, 19??

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Nothing in particular

Jorshamo is a user of SMW Central, who frequently hacks Super Mario World, and also is a WikiMinistrator of the SMWiki, and, in fact, the one who coined the term WikiMinistrator. Image pending.


Hacking Career

Jorshamo started hacking in September or October 2008, and due to being the classic n00b, he needed assistance on hacking SMW and did the only thing he knew to do when he needed help. He Google'd it (Seriously >_<). He found the SMWiki eventually, and after finding a link within the SMWiki, he joined SMW Central after having a problem that the SMWiki could not solve.

Upon joining SMW Central on December 23, 2008, he promptly asked his question, of which the thread still exists to this day. He did not bother to introduce himself in the introduction thread in the Talk Forum, nor even being interested in the Non-Hacking forums. He proceeded, for a while, to only post in Basic and N00b hacking, until he finally got the courage to ask question in Advanced hacking. After a few months, he finally started exploring the rest of the site, namely the Site and Trash Can forums. After several more months, he start posting in most if not all the forums, with a large majority going into Forum Games. One highlight of that era was him winning a game that SNN happened to be running, and thus gained his Custom Title. Eventually, the Forum Games forum got closed, due to the increase in stupidity, and the decrease in intelligence, and was sent to look for new places to post. Currently, he posts in WoI quite a bit, with occasional posts in Talk while still maintaining his search of people to help in Basic Hacking.

Despite knowing most of the features of Lunar Magic, he still knows very little ASM, beyond the basic LDA, STA, BEQ, etc.

1-year Hiatus

Around March 2010, Jorshamo left SMWcentral for unspecified reasons, and with out warning. He returned late March of 2011.


He previously had a hack called "Super Luigi and the Golden Eggs". It's the first hack that he really worked on seriously, but it suffered from the same n00b mistakes, although not as grave as most, mainly just flat, boring, linear level design, and abuse of some of the "tougher" enemies, such as Chargin' Chucks, or Flying Koopas.

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